Faith and the abundant life

Isn’t it interesting how differently people respond to the same set of circumstances?
Poverty brings determination to some and hopelessness t others.
A financial set back becomes a challenge to some and a crippling set-back to others.
Education provides a stable life for some and promotes riots and rebellion in others.
Freedom drives some to vigilance and others to violence.
Faith in God to some is an eternal source of strength, to others it is a myth or a nice story only used when needed. The truth is we become what we are thinking about all day. Our thoughts and attitudes influence our lives. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. In all my books I try to get a little moral wisdom in just for the record! We all need it, maybe I need it even more than you! My characters are very human so they make mistakes, but they are redeemable like us all. I have come to realize this magnificent life of ours will soon be past, but what is done for God truly will last. Peace be with you.

Magic Pills

My friend, I’ll call her Molly, called me once night in a complete panic. She was crying so hard I couldn’t understand her so I drove to her place. she was rolled up in a ball wearing her sweats with a bottle of Vodka in her lap. I came to listen, so start talking.
You don’t understand, I’m depressed, I’m fat, I’m hungry, I’m uninspired at work, I hate my life…
I get it, you’re a mess.
Easy for you to say.
Not! Do you want help?
Yes, but not a shrink, I went to one and she depressed me talking about her love life.
Did you learn anything?
No.Do you really want my help?
Because I know you will tell me the truth.
Think so?
You will won’t you?
Would you know it if you heard it?
Are you mocking me?
Are you insecure too?
See what I mean?
When is the last time you counted your blessings?
I don’t have any.
Really? You have your health. You are living in California n the greatest country on earth. You have a car, a house, a lawnmower even a toaster. Sounds good to me. What do you think that booze is going to do for you?
It makes me see clearly.
You would be the first one on earth that happened to. Are you on medication? No, just Tylenol when I can’t sleep and this little pill the doctor gave me to calm my nerves.
Is it working?
I don’t know.
Look, I like you Molly but I don’t really know why. You need to shape up, go on a diet, stop taking the mother’s little helpers, put the booze away…get off the couch and Count your Blessings. Do you watch the News?
Why not?
It makes me angry.
Because of all the crazy people and terrible things that happen and I feel helpless.
You can’t feel thankful?
You should.
Because it’s not happening to you. Self loathing is fool hearty and there is nothing in it for you.
What would you do if you were me?
That’s it?
That’s it. I guarantee you, one week around the less fortunate and you may be able to count your blessings after all.

Russia vs. USA

I grew up with many Russian neighbours in a very ethnic neighbourhood in French Canada. To this day one of my favourite foods is Pierogi, even though it is considered a ‘poor mans dish’. My mother’s friend Fania told us tales of Russia, when she was young she escaped Russia with her parents, her brother was a Russian Orthodox priest and he was murdered in his Church. The Russians have a brutal, bloody history and it continues today. It must be the cold weather! America has a wonderful History, yes, we made mistakes but we have much to be proud of. I have been feeling down lately watching the news too much and feeling we are losing our way, but when I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s movie ‘America’, I realized once again how marvellous this country really is. We have some bad actors in our gov’t and they must be rooted out. Our gov’t is too big, we work for them and it wasn’t designed that way. They are supposed to work for us. Believe me, this country was designed by our Founding Fathers who knew what they were doing. I don’t care what you are, Republican, Democrat, Independent, White, Black, Brown, Yellow or all in between, go see this movie. Why? Because you are AMERICANS and there is no country on this earth as grand. See it, Believe it…Live it! God Bless Us all and please GOD Continue to Bless America.

Women’s Rights

This birth control thing is embarrassing to me. I took ‘the pill’ in the sixties and I paid for it. I had excellent medical from my employer but it did not cover contraceptives, it did cover sterilization which I find interesting.

The four drugs in question are not contraceptives, they are termination of life drugs. Some of these drugs are very dangerous, they can kill you! This is such a personal matter and I don’t want people to have children they do not want, but let’s get real about this.

Women shouldn’t be interested in only this issue, what about the economy, the cost of food, gasoline, charter schools and school choice! Issues we should be worried about. America by far and away is the Finest Nation in the World, the most prosperous nation ever!

Most of us have made a good living here and have wonderful lives. Opportunity is limitless if the American public is unleashed to be creative. Stupid regulation and the gov’t running our lives is a huge problem. Common sense ain’t too common and no one is right all the time.

The Republican Party has become the Old Democratic Party and the Democratic party has become the Lunatic Fringe. I have been so fortunate and really have no complaints but I do see our freedoms eroding and I don’t want my grandchildren to lose the American Dream.

I worked in the time of the Feminist. Women wanted it all and some of us got it, or at least we thought we did. WISDOM TAKES TIME, your grandparents had it and if you paid attention you are most likely successful.

We need a leader that can lead, a person who understands economics and is not so arrogant that he will surround himself with empty headed sycophants. When I worked, My employees always knew more than me about the mechanics of the job, I was the cheerleader and I had no problem giving them the credit.

I didn’t always like my employees, but if they were smart and efficient I was happy. We missed a chance to have a wonderful leader in Romney because the Democrats tried to make a villain of him because he was rich. Stupid!

Do you want some unsophisticated nobody running the most important country in the World? Or someone filling his pockets because he didn’t have anything when he went in there? The Clintons are rich, they try to hide it and they didn’t have money before government helped them get it. Think about it.

Ladies, please educate yourself and be honest, have you ever met a feminist you liked or respected? Their religion is whatever CAUSE they can blow out of proportion, don’t let them get away with it. Women are just fine in this Country and yes, a lot of us paved the way but this war on women is a myth.

My mom always told me, “your head is not a hat rack” an informed woman is a great woman. I want to respect my president and know he will do the right things for the country. Don’t drink the cool aid.

Guardian Angels

They are for real, honest. There are several books in the Bible that refer to Angels amongst us, we must be open to it and be aware of the presence.
Ever been alone in the house and heard someone call your name? Yes you have. Or felt a breeze on your cheek when the doors and windows are closed?
OR, perhaps you have a magnificent thought or think of someone you haven’t heard from in years and suddenly they call! And you say…I was thinking of you and you were!

It’s your angel at work.
Every morning when I wake up I say good morning to my angel and ask her to guide me through the day. I have done this for years. Want your kids to come closer to spirituality? Teach them about their angel and when you come into a room, welcome their angel and then them. They’ll get it, kids love it.
We all need to know someone is watching over us besides just mortals. We can ask our angel to speak to God for us, we can talk to God ourselves but sometimes (depending on what you’re asking for) it’s nice to have an alie! Get to know your angel, call her by name, it will come to you. Or, perhaps your angel is a man, it’s possible, give him a name you like, make it real.

I promise your life will change. When you’re driving, talk to your angel. You will feel the anxiety of traffic melt away. This takes practice, but practice is perfect. We never know when our angel is going to tell us there is a job in Heaven for us and we will be leaving, so treat every person you know like it is their last day and yours as well. Your angel will help you, just ask. If you are a religious person you probably already know your angel but if you are not, try it…I think you’ll like it.

Judith Slaughter: Watch for Angels of Warwick, coming soon.

Angels Amongst Us

Would you be afraid to meet an angel? If you were walking along minding your own business and an angel walked up to you and said “Hello, my name is Angel #68 trillion, and I’d like a little chat. Would you be up for it? Would your heart flutter and bang, would you think you were dying? Could you look her in the eye? Would your first thought be to run away as fast as you can or would you think you were dreaming, your mind was playing tricks on you or that you finally cracked from too much stress.

Settle down, it could be all those things but wouldn’t it be awesome. You could ask questions like, What is Heaven like? Do you know my family? How are they doing? They are up there aren’t they? Once you got over the fear you could really enjoy yourself.

What’s it like to be an angel? Do you really just fly around heaven all day or do you have a job? Do you always have to wear the same outfit or can you change it up? I’d want fluffy pink wings and a pink outfit with a little glitz. Does GOD check with you now and then? Is Jesus as nice as they say, is HE handsome? All the movies depict him as a soft spoken, gorgeous man with long hair and a perfectly groomed beard. Does he look like that? Once you got going you could ask almost anything. Does HE know who I am? Does HE like me? Am I doing what I’m supposed to do? Do I disappoint HIM sometimes?

You won’t believe me but we meet angels everyday. We rush by them in a hurry to get to work or wherever. They talk to us too, we don’t always listen, but we should. Sometimes your kids are angels with wisdom beyond belief, sometimes your parents are angels, guardian angels because it’s their job. Sometimes it’s your spouse, actually a lot of the time it’s your spouse. And sometimes it’s a perfect stranger who knows you are in crisis and smiles at you or says something nice like, you sure are pretty or I love your outfit.

Suddenly, you know everything is going to work out.

I knew two Angels intimately and I wrote a book about them. ANGELS OF WARWICK, I will introduce them to you soon. I hope to teach you how to look for Angels, it will change you and you will like it.


Watching Charles Paine (who I like) talk with women about the new Barbie, I laughed to myself thinking about corporate America and women.

You see, we just aren’t the same as men and the reason is we are hardwired differently.  No one is stopping females from taking advanced math and engineering or any other advanced degree, it is the girls themselves who don’t necessarily want to do it.

My darling niece just graduated from Cal Poly, top of her class  with an Engineering Degree (there were two girls in her graduating class.) She was sought after for a six figure job before she left the campus.

Many girls become doctors, lawyers, never Indian Chiefs but that’s another story.  I was an executive in corporate America for thirty years, women are just different than men and it doesn’t have anything to do with opportunity.  I try to give a glimpse of my philosophy in my book “The Accidental Bank Heist”.  I do have an opinion on this, I lived it and trust me, sweet, adorable Jeanette is one tough gal.

I remember when I would get a new banking office assignment and immediately would be warned about certain employees and told I would be better off just getting along with them.  Never do they do this with men.  Women will try to please men, it’s in their genes.

Many women think men are simple minded compared to women, but I think for the most part they are just nicer than us.  They are hunters and gatherers, we are territorial.  I really hate to disappoint all the women who don’t think they get a fair shake in business, many imagine this and others get in their own way.

Men are easy, they understand clear messages if you give them and they rarely have ulterior motives.  They are not ‘mind readers’ like women.

Women are tough, even if they respect a woman boss, they often think she is a Bit**.  I would rather work for a man any day, unless he is a tyrant and then I would organize the gals to take him down!  Alas I say, ‘viva la differ’ance.’