Big holiday in America, but how did it start? Witches Warlocks and Banshees were the originals. While visiting my cousins in England, I was shown iron tethers in the ground where they held the witches before burning them to death for crimes like fortune telling, tarot reading, so called devil worship…..maybe they wanted a new wife, whatever!

In my book ANGELS OF WARWICK, I introduce you to a few naughty witches, a notable graveyard and a most interesting murder!

Salem in New England still has many sites and History tells gruesome tales of witchcraft and skulduggery. How many witches do you think they murdered? Actually none, because a real witch would get away!

We have made it a fun holiday and kids really enjoy it. Hardly any witches or black cats out there anymore, Disney characters, ballerinas, fairy god mothers, movie stars just plain fun. Children do not relate to the origin and that is good, but a little history can’t hurt them.

The Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Day of the Dead and people confuse Halloween with this Holy day. This is a day of remembering loved ones who have passed away, when I was a kid I thought it was spooky but now I understand it and find it comforting.

Halloween is fun, everybody can be someone else for one day a year. It is also a big day for retailers so everybody wins. Don’t take it away from kids. Last year my Church had a dress up and children could be their favourite Saint and tell about them.  Afterwards, they changed into their ghost and goblins and enjoyed Halloween in it’s now traditional form. Kids are amazing and talented. They came up with some great stuff.

Let them have candy…so what. One year my son came home with a toothbrush from a dentist who gave him candy! Good message. Let kids be kids, they are wrapped in cotton batten half the time. We were KIDS and we had fun, let them have fun too and wear a costume yourself, it’s very enlightening, go ahead create some memories. I put on my skeleton earrings and wear my witch hat and hand out candy every Halloween. I love it!

I always kept my Cleopatra black as night cat in on Halloween. I’m sure she wanted to roam around on this SCARY night, I didn’t let her, just in case!

Angels of Warwick

My new book ANGELS OF WARWICK just launched and I invite all who love to read to read it! It is a family saga mystery/murder/romance and will take you to days when things seemed simpler but were every bit as complicated as they are now! I love to write and this story is right from the heart, my beautiful mother and favourite aunt take you on a life adventure of excitement, despair, laughter, tears and all emotions! Jump into the little Durant Coupe and go on an adventure with two women very ahead of their time…..I loved them and you will too!

American History is fun!

Do you know your history? Do you know how miraculous it is that we are here at all? What do you know about the Pilgrims?

Well, we were all taught they came on the Mayflower, they were persecuted in England and wanted freedom of religion. That’s it. The important details were left out! We know they wore funny hats and made friends with Indians, but do we know the sacrifices they made? How many of them died, froze to death or starved? I was astounded when I saw the movie MONUMENTAL, in search of America’s National Treasure.

Did you know Congress printed Bibles to pass out to the PUBLIC schools? Of course you didn’t. No public school teacher today would tell you that. Why did they do it? They knew God’s laws are the only laws that sustain us, they do not change. Man can’t do anything for any length of time, but GOD knew what was good for us and that’s WHY his LAWS were made.

By the way, they weren’t the ten suggestions…they were the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Our laws are based on them. Harvard University has a plaque still today on their gate that says CHRIST at the top of man. They stopped paying attention to it around 1960 but they didn’t take the sign down. We have let a few toxic professors destroy our value system once taught in the colleges. They don’t teach critical thinking, they teach their idea of how things should be. People who have never held a job, eternal students are teaching our children!

Our President is a shining example of what is taught. Social engineering, except it isn’t that way for them. They get the big salaries and tenure. What? They get to blab this nonsense with no facts, no footnotes and no scholarly proof because we let them! They intimidate us with their elitism and we let them. They are not all liberal kooks, just most of them.

They are nothing more than over educated idiots (they think they have great education, they have book knowledge and they write the books!) I’m telling you they don’t know beans when the bags open! They twist our sacred History to suit their own warped images. They would never be successful in the real world. It’s time for everyone in the Country to realize if we don’t start watching what is going on in Secular America, we will lose not just our focus but our rights and our Country as we once knew it. Our parents didn’t fight wars so these America bashers could decimate our culture and trash talk to our children. Sure we did things wrong, but we did a lot of things right and became the beacon of the world.

It’s time to start waving the flag and being proud to do so. It’s time to talk openly about Christianity, fight when they want to take away our symbols and religious icons. Christmas is recognized by our government, we get a holiday! It’s Christs birthday not Santa’s! Our government was founded on Christian ideals and Biblical laws and no matter how hard they try they can’t change that. It is high time for us all to appreciate what we have…before we don’t.

Fix Ferguson…here’s how!

People in Ferguson are already saying they are going to cause great trouble if the Police Officer is not charged with MURDER after shooting a young black man. Ridiculous. Think about this for one minute. They are not going to trust the justice system run by a black man? The president is a black man. How did he get elected? Must have been other races voting for him.

They want to bust up the town? They are young and they have energy to burn so they use it in a negative way. Stupid.

First of all, if they had any sense of justice whatsoever, they would realize you cannot attack police. This 300 pound man did that. No respect. He injured the policeman too, is he supposed to die to prove he is not a racist?

The true racists are black people who are holding a 200 year grudge. Do they go to school and make themselves better? No. Do they ever pick up a book and self educate. No. They want what others have and they think they are entitled to it. They don’t care about justice, they just want to raise hell and every other race in this country takes care of them with tax dollars. Enough already!

There are many brilliant, successful black people in this country and they wouldn’t have anything to do with this crooked thinking. Do they listen to them? No. They don’t want to be better. These dummies don’t understand basic living rules,
respect others, work, take care of your families AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF.

I would solve this. I would announce loud and clear, anyone arrested in the streets causing havoc will be punished in two ways…jail and any government benefits they are receiving they lose. NOW, not next week and …..forever. If they are living with mama and she has gov’t subsidy on her rent, that goes too.

They could use all their unspent energy doing something positive like working. When did we start thinking of people who contribute nothing to society as privileged? Welfare needs to be revamped totally, NO CASH INVOLVED. Food stamps, subsidy maybe, and no more of this I deserve to be cared for nonsense. Have a baby out of wedlock, no baby daddy identified, no help. Give the poor child to someone who can care for it. Give it a chance!

If you don’t believe money is the root of all evil, take a look what hand outs have done for people.

Unskilled, don’t want to be skilled?
Don’t want to earn minimum wage, I suggest you don’t have minimum skills.

This is America. We were promised the right to PURSUE happiness not the right TO happiness. People are individuals not roaming herds of vigilantes. They better wake up, the middle class is struggling in this country and they have their own families to worry about. And, here’s a flash. They don’t give a damn about you, your pity party song is old and worn out.. You are not an exception, you are not special, quite the contrary!

So you tell me you are going to tear up the town if justice isn’t served? But of course, it’s your kind of justice. This policeman was hospitalized, almost lost his eye because a young thug attacked his face. The kid robbed a store and attacked the clerk! On tape! And you say this is murder?

First of all you have to be a four plus idiot to attack a person with a gun! You are brain dead if you attack a policeman. I’m sorry there was a shooting, but until you start respecting the police there are going to be a lot more.

I don’t know anyone who is afraid of the police. Why is that? Maybe it’s because we know how to behave.

Washington D.C. is the most dangerous city in the United States. There are areas the police won’t even go into and you think the government cares about you! Why should they, why should anyone? Your behaviour says it all. You are liars and losers and trust me we see right through you. You like to riot? Hurt others? Cry babies, not your fault. No one believes you anymore. You have had more than enough chances to live respectable lives. Money does not make you respectable, you have to do that on your own. You could start with respecting yourself!

The majority of Americans are sick to death of you so be careful, because we won’t put up with it forever. Announce all benefits are going away if they are arrested and the streets will be empty. I’m tired of these lazy, lawless derelicts and our government enabling them to be the losers they are. I’m tired of politicians who continue to create these monsters and I’m not the only one.

AMERICANS (Blue and Red fiber)

Too much fighting, lets stick to the issues and stop letting people make us crazy.  Figures don’t lie but liars can figure.  Statistics can be altered any way they want them to be, depending on the question.  Pull their masks off.  Try some common sense. Look at the people in government and ask yourself real questions.  Do you trust this person?  If so why?  What have they done to garner your respect and loyalty? How do they live?  What is their family like?  What are their principals, not just what they say, what are they?

You can tell a lot about a person by watching their body movements.  I can tell when people are irritated even though they are trying desperately to hide it.  I am sick to death of these people who cover for their favourites no matter what they do, you don’t have to bash them, just don’t cover for them. Why lie and sin your own soul for someone who is not doing the right thing? These mouthpieces for Obama are amazing, they can’t even get their stories straight. They spin, change language to suit their purpose and no one can call a spade a spade!

For the most part, Americans are not dumb.  Many are misinformed, but even though a lot of people for the past twenty five year have taken no interest in what their elected officials are doing, isn’t it time to pay attention?

We have so many things going on right now, the truth would sure come in handy.  I for one am not going to be politically correct, I think it does more harm than good.  A person doesn’t have to be rude to have an opinion different that yours.  Too much media, too many lies and not enough honest people in government.  GOD IS WATCHING.


Here we go! I am terrified of viruses. I had one ten years ago that almost killed me! They hospitalized me, then put me out so I wouldn’t effect anyone and never did know what I had! They sent my blood to Atlanta for testing and they said I was perfectly healthy. I was so weak I could hardly walk, I had a rash all over my core and I was short of breath. All I did was sleep for three weeks and pray I didn’t give it to my grandchildren.

One specialist said I contacted it from a GUATEMALEN GROUND SQUIRREL. He asked if I had been to Mexico recently, I go to Mexico but I hadn’t been out of California for a year.  He said “Honey, this is only one of ten thousand viruses you could get, most aren’t fatal. Look on the bright side, you probably built up your immune system.” Easy for him to say!

I was a bank manager at the time and I shook hands with people all day long. There were several strawberry fields around us and he thought one of the workers came in to cash a check and I had some kind of contact with him and viola….virus.

I got well after six weeks of being off work. I have not shook hands with anyone since!
I am one of those people who go to the doctor and check all the “no” boxes. I have perfect health. I walk two miles a day, wear my sunscreen and keep myself fit.

In August 2013, I got shingles (another virus). I was very ill. If I help you in any way TODAY, PLEASE GET YOUR SHINGLES SHOT. I still have nerve pain occasionally, nothing I can’t handle. I find it acts up if I am tired so I quickly remedy that!

Now here comes Ebola. It often is FATAL. I am very worried. How could our country let anyone come here from Africa right now? And this man flew back and forth! I’m telling you our government does not protect us and this is supposed to be their only job! It is why they were formed, to protect our shores. They can’t even protect the President! Are we becoming incompetent? We have more information than ever before but I think we lack common sense. Too politically correct to speak up for what is right.

My dad used to say one of these days we will all be behind gates afraid to leave our houses. He was referring to crime. Forget crime…what about germs? Our government needs to do a better job of this.

Just sayin’.

ISIL are afraid of Women!

The Roosevelt’s were a remarkable family. The recent series really showed how lucky we were to have them. Talk about dedication to country! Eleanor
was a magnificent woman. These people were rich, they didn’t have to take on the world and all its peccadillos, they could have enjoyed their yacht and parties galore, but they SERVED HUMANITY, they chose to. Many say they started us on a path of freebees, but they didn’t mean for it to get out of control like it is now. People were different then. They were religious, they loved their children and looked after them, they taught them about their wonderful country and concentrated on FACTS not Theories. Children listened to the fireside chats, they loved the President, they knew who he was! AMERICA WAS A FAMILY!

Eleanor was not just a “do Gooder” as they labelled her. She had an enduring thought process almost like a clairvoyant. She wanted the world to be at peace, My God this woman gave two of her children to the second world war! The League of Nations was her baby (United Nations) today, she dreamed of a world where no country would invade another and the right of liberty was for all God’s creatures. Not Nation Building, building better human beings! Ask yourself, what do they do now? I can tell you they cost the taxpayer of this great nation a great deal of money.

They were formed for this purpose, Whether you like Bill O’Reilly or not, the man is right. We need armies of Mercenaries from every free nation to kill off this idealism army, ISIL. We can’t wait until they start killing us here en mass. Don’t let the media romance you into thinking about Lone Wolf actions, they are connected to the leaders, they listen to the propaganda and to prove themselves they need to kill someone, anyone, maybe you or even worse ME!

There is a funny flaw in Muslim Terrorists belief about going to heaven and getting virgins (why they want virgins is beyond me). They can’t go if they are killed by a WOMAN! They are terrified of woman soldiers and pilots. Did you see that gorgeous American Emerites woman pilot? I loved it. I see a way to benefit from this, I wonder if our government in all their political correctness is smart enough to use it! Terrorists don’t get to heaven if a woman kills them, that is our secret weapon! Alright ladies, climb into those FIGHTER PLANES AND BOMBERS and BLAST THE Hell out of them! TELL THEM THE WOMAN ARE COMING!

Thousands of terrorists are recruited in prisons. We can’t sit by and let this happen. What kind of a person could crucify a little child? Only monsters, deviates, wild dogs who need to be put out of their misery. Because it must be misery to be them.

Winston Churchill, another man who was a beacon of light and hope for the world said “America’s freedoms will kill them.” He was speaking of the fact, a person must do something before we can punish him. Even though we know something bad is going to happen, we wait and watch, not even watch closely! It will be interesting to see what the British do with these murderers who are plotting to kill them. FBI and CIA know who they are and we need to empower them to take care of them, permanently. They are enemies of the WORLD. If anyone leaves here to join up with them…they can never come back, ever. If they do they get locked up or shot! I prefer shot.

I have been listening to a very prominent intelligent Muslim named Zuddi Jasser and he says Obama has it all wrong. This is Islam in it’s worst state. To deny they are Muslims is ignorant. They are Muslims with a radical belief. It would be as if we would cut out the tongue of every child who talked back to his parents! The Bible has passages like that. You see, Christianity was reformed, REFORMATION of the Roman Catholic Church in the fourteenth century. Reformation must happen to Islam. I don’t think American’s will put up with the “pretend it’s not happening” for very long, President Obama better stop trying to defend Islam and figure out how he is going to handle this or this Peaceful Nation won’t be peaceful anymore.