Riots in America

In 1967 My parents were living in California and I was a young married woman going to school and living in Windsor, Ontario Canada. I stood on the Canadian side of the border and watched Detroit burn. It was like watching a fireworks display, we were separated by the Detroit river and not afraid, but horrified.

When it was over twelve days later, 43 were dead, 1189 injured and 2000 buildings were destroyed. The city was in shambles and Detroit has never recovered from it. It went down hill and is now as far down as a city can go. Who would want to go there and start a business when they see what the citizens are capable of? Who did it hurt? The fools burned down their own gov’t housing and killed their own people and why? They call it civil unrest, it is vandalism and brainless rage.

Believe it or not, I was in L.A. in 1992 with my cousin Peter. We were in Hollywood at a theatre when riots broke out. We headed for the freeway to go home (Orange County) and saw people smashing windows and running down the street with television sets. Funny thing was, they too burned down their own homes, what were they going to do with the televisions?

Again, 53 dead, 2000 injured and 1700 structures destroyed. Los Angeles hasn’t recovered either. All they did was bring death and destruction to their own people. Who wants to open businesses in L.A. today? Not only is it nearly impossible with all the unnecessary regulations, it’s not profitable for corporations to come here.

Go ahead and call it Civil Unrest, I call it the end of opportunity for all who live there.

There have been many riots since these two notable ones, but here we are in 2014 and still witnessing riots. Why? Yes a man has been killed but why not wait until the investigation is over and see what really happened? How is looting and vandalizing going to solve anything? And why does this only happen in black communities?

Eric Holder is a black man, do they really think he is not going to investigate this? The real leaders of the black communities need to educate their people to the fact, this behaviour is stupid, unnecessary and makes people FEAR them. THEY ONLY HURT THEMSELVES AND COST TAXPAYERS MILLIONS! Haven’t we come farther than this?

In England, they stopped the riots by withholding gov’t subsidies, so if you were living in your mother’s basement she was in danger of losing her residence and then where would you be living?

Civilized people are INDIVIDUALS not groups of thugs roaming the streets causing havoc for their neighbours. This will be resolved and the only ones hurt will be the people in the community…or so it seems. But the ones really hurt are the Black people themselves because they will get lumped into this mess as “Black People” and people will believe ‘Rioting’ is what they do and it should be expected.

Where is the real racism in this country? By the way, racism has existed since the Bible, ask the Jews. Ask the Italians who immigrated to New York. The Irish, The Polish, the Japanese, the Vietnamese (who all prosper in this country and do not participate in RIOTS). The educated and prosperous blacks must speak out against this violence.

Changing hearts and minds is only done by witness of behaviour and people drawing THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS not what the media spins. It is time for strong smart (and their are many) blacks to come forward and talk turkey about problems in black communities and why they are having them. Poverty can be avoided. Illegitimate children is the fastest way to poverty, don’t do it!

Charter schools excelled many minorities but the unions shut them down. In many cases, black people want charter schools for their children but our HELPFUL gov’t wants us all to buy the kool-aid public schools dish up. The answer to all this is LEADERSHIP and less worry about what is politically correct. Stop using Hollywood as your guide, you can’t live like them and succeed, they are rich and can cover their own mistakes. YOU CAN”T.

This is an American tragedy and should have been solved a long time ago. It is time to stop helping disable them and empower them with REAL education and jobs. Point out ‘Hope and Prosperity” are personal goals and can and will be achieved by those who work for it. Unrest is never about one thing, but in this day and age it is unacceptable and downright stupid.

Our Politician Nightmares

They are either running or campaigning. It has become ridiculous, it was bad and getting worse for many years but now it is just plain nuts! They should have term limits, absolutely! The president should have a six year term and then he is gone, no re- election and if he does a lousy job….out he goes. Same rules as the rest of us but of course we never get a six year guarantee. They should have to live by the laws they make. Their retirements should be 401K’s they contribute to and their Medical benefits,….Obama care. That will get them excited, they don’t want that. They are elites, they pick and choose the laws they like and they shove down our throats what THEY think is best for us. Not all of them, JUST MOST OF THEM. PEOPLE ARE LOSING FAITH IN THE AMERICAN DREAM FOR THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. This is a tragedy. The unemployment numbers they give us are fairy-tales. There are 90+ gov’t organizations to HELP the poor. Want to help them for real? Unleash Capitalism and let them work! Stop worrying about our reproductive organs and do you jobs. Secure the borders, make English the official language of the Country, why hold people back? Not speaking English will make them second class citizens, is this America? The beauty of this Country is we are all Americans, let’s let them be and stop enabling them. Stop making people believe they can’t do it without help. Ask yourself…Why did Russia fail at Capitalism? Because even though the Russian people lived in adverse poverty they didn’t have to worry about their daily potato ration. Years of programing folks to live on gov’t assistance makes prosperity a dirty word. Trust me, it wouldn’t work here. If we don’t get some clear thinking business individuals in the White House soon, we will all be the poor.

Robin Williams

We loved him, we didn’t know him. He was a brilliant, conflicted person everyone wants to make excuses for. Those around him knew he had problems and this is a real good time to talk to your kids about those problems. Drugs change the phycology of people much more than we realize. They wanted to give him drugs to help him! Everybody has a magic pill, but what was under his skin to create all this darkness? We will never know. DRUGS and abuse of them caused him to spiral out of control for years and this is a sad thing. Hollywood could do so much to promote a clean life, but they don’t. Children believe by watching all these over privileged people that they can take drugs and go to rehab and be all better, so why not? Here is your chance to explain to them ‘why not’. Robin just couldn’t go through rehab anymore, he was exhausted, he was a constant centre of attention and we expected him to entertain us and it was his GIFT to do so. The thing about DEAD is you are dead for a very long time and it seems to all of us it was too early for him. But, HE didn’t want to be here anymore. All the money, fame, power and attention didn’t make him want to stay. How sad for his children who loved him, he robbed them and himself of the most glorious time of life…grand parenting. We will miss him but have the privilege of seeing him whenever we want to. I wish his message had been a more positive one. He was raised in an affluent family, his parents were Episcopalian, although Robin didn’t practice the religion. He often made jokes about it being ‘Catholic Light’, all the fun and none of the guilt. It’s a pity he didn’t talk with a Priest instead of the drug pushing doctors who were trying to FIX him. He is with God now and I hope an angel will curl up in his lap and give him peace.

Middle East Madness

The Bible is chock full of wars, and unbelievable punishments. Watching what is going on in the Middle East, we realize not much has changed for them!
The brutality of these terrorist groups is beyond our thought processes here in America. But, we must help them. Israel is our alie and the only strong moral core in that part of the world. The artefacts of the Ancient World are in Israel and Egypt and these nuts are destroying them. It is time for all good men to come to the aid of the party! Netanyahu is a wise man and a strong, decisive leader. They are blessed with him and we must support Israel or be lost ourselves. The military must be given the go ahead to do what they do best. I can’t decide if our president is just na├»ve or a sympathizer. Whatever he is, he must listen to those who know more than He. Hillary is jumping on the bandwagon as if she is all innocent and light. She was there for the Policy setting and don’t tell me she is too timid to speak up! She was incompetent and did her job like a true sycophant. She is to blame every bit as much as the President is. It is time for the heads of nations to realize this is a world threat and America has handled it very badly. Reactive. Not proactive, this is Obama. We are the leader of the free world and we are watching what happens when we drop the ball. Think America isn’t important? We are the most important. They can PAY their parts, these are rich nations! Stop the money flow to the terrorists, stop the hate teaching (United Nations) what a joke, try to teach the Arabs to love their children as much as they hate the Jews and this thing will end! An enemy who welcomes death is an enemy we should give their wish to. We cannot reason with them, no one can and Obama needs to stop playing politics and let the Military solve this. Not with ground troops, with bombs and technology. We must KILL them, he knows that. I thought he was doing so well with drones, why did he stop? This is not video games and nightly television entertainment, this is WAR. Fight to win. We are all armchair generals, but come on, we can’t kill off these terrorists? If we can’t we are in deep trouble.

Faith and the abundant life

Isn’t it interesting how differently people respond to the same set of circumstances?
Poverty brings determination to some and hopelessness t others.
A financial set back becomes a challenge to some and a crippling set-back to others.
Education provides a stable life for some and promotes riots and rebellion in others.
Freedom drives some to vigilance and others to violence.
Faith in God to some is an eternal source of strength, to others it is a myth or a nice story only used when needed. The truth is we become what we are thinking about all day. Our thoughts and attitudes influence our lives. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. In all my books I try to get a little moral wisdom in just for the record! We all need it, maybe I need it even more than you! My characters are very human so they make mistakes, but they are redeemable like us all. I have come to realize this magnificent life of ours will soon be past, but what is done for God truly will last. Peace be with you.

Magic Pills

My friend, I’ll call her Molly, called me once night in a complete panic. She was crying so hard I couldn’t understand her so I drove to her place. she was rolled up in a ball wearing her sweats with a bottle of Vodka in her lap. I came to listen, so start talking.
You don’t understand, I’m depressed, I’m fat, I’m hungry, I’m uninspired at work, I hate my life…
I get it, you’re a mess.
Easy for you to say.
Not! Do you want help?
Yes, but not a shrink, I went to one and she depressed me talking about her love life.
Did you learn anything?
No.Do you really want my help?
Because I know you will tell me the truth.
Think so?
You will won’t you?
Would you know it if you heard it?
Are you mocking me?
Are you insecure too?
See what I mean?
When is the last time you counted your blessings?
I don’t have any.
Really? You have your health. You are living in California in the greatest country on earth. You have a car, a house, a lawnmower even a toaster. Sounds good to me. What do you think that booze is going to do for you?
It makes me see clearly.
You would be the first one on earth that happened to. Are you on medication?
No, just Tylenol when I can’t sleep and this little pill the doctor gave me to calm my nerves.
Is it working?
I don’t know.
Look, I like you Molly but I don’t really know why. You need to shape up, go on a diet, stop taking the mother’s little helpers, put the booze away…get off the couch and Count your Blessings. Do you watch the News?
Why not?
It makes me angry.
Because of all the crazy people and terrible things that happen and I feel helpless.
You can’t feel thankful?
You should.
Because it’s not happening to you. Self loathing is fool hearty and there is nothing in it for you.
What would you do if you were me?
That’s it?
That’s it. I guarantee you, one week around the less fortunate and you may be able to count your blessings after all.

Russia vs. USA

I grew up with many Russian neighbours in a very ethnic neighbourhood in French Canada. To this day one of my favourite foods is Pierogi, even though it is considered a ‘poor mans dish’. My mother’s friend Fania told us tales of Russia, when she was young she escaped Russia with her parents, her brother was a Russian Orthodox priest and he was murdered in his Church. The Russians have a brutal, bloody history and it continues today. It must be the cold weather! America has a wonderful History, yes, we made mistakes but we have much to be proud of. I have been feeling down lately watching the news too much and feeling we are losing our way, but when I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s movie ‘America’, I realized once again how marvellous this country really is. We have some bad actors in our gov’t and they must be rooted out. Our gov’t is too big, we work for them and it wasn’t designed that way. They are supposed to work for us. Believe me, this country was designed by our Founding Fathers who knew what they were doing. I don’t care what you are, Republican, Democrat, Independent, White, Black, Brown, Yellow or all in between, go see this movie. Why? Because you are AMERICANS and there is no country on this earth as grand. See it, Believe it…Live it! God Bless Us all and please GOD Continue to Bless America.