Here we go! I am terrified of viruses. I had one ten years ago that almost killed me! They hospitalized me, then put me out so I wouldn’t effect anyone and never did know what I had! They sent my blood to Atlanta for testing and they said I was perfectly healthy. I was so weak I could hardly walk, I had a rash all over my core and I was short of breath. All I did was sleep for three weeks and pray I didn’t give it to my grandchildren.

One specialist said I contacted it from a GUATEMALEN GROUND SQUIRREL. He asked if I had been to Mexico recently, I go to Mexico but I hadn’t been out of California for a year.  He said “Honey, this is only one of ten thousand viruses you could get, most aren’t fatal. Look on the bright side, you probably built up your immune system.” Easy for him to say!

I was a bank manager at the time and I shook hands with people all day long. There were several strawberry fields around us and he thought one of the workers came in to cash a check and I had some kind of contact with him and viola….virus.

I got well after six weeks of being off work. I have not shook hands with anyone since!
I am one of those people who go to the doctor and check all the “no” boxes. I have perfect health. I walk two miles a day, wear my sunscreen and keep myself fit.

In August 2013, I got shingles (another virus). I was very ill. If I help you in any way TODAY, PLEASE GET YOUR SHINGLES SHOT. I still have nerve pain occasionally, nothing I can’t handle. I find it acts up if I am tired so I quickly remedy that!

Now here comes Ebola. It often is FATAL. I am very worried. How could our country let anyone come here from Africa right now? And this man flew back and forth! I’m telling you our government does not protect us and this is supposed to be their only job! It is why they were formed, to protect our shores. They can’t even protect the President! Are we becoming incompetent? We have more information than ever before but I think we lack common sense. Too politically correct to speak up for what is right.

My dad used to say one of these days we will all be behind gates afraid to leave our houses. He was referring to crime. Forget crime…what about germs? Our government needs to do a better job of this.

Just sayin’.

ISIL are afraid of Women!

The Roosevelt’s were a remarkable family. The recent series really showed how lucky we were to have them. Talk about dedication to country! Eleanor
was a magnificent woman. These people were rich, they didn’t have to take on the world and all its peccadillos, they could have enjoyed their yacht and parties galore, but they SERVED HUMANITY, they chose to. Many say they started us on a path of freebees, but they didn’t mean for it to get out of control like it is now. People were different then. They were religious, they loved their children and looked after them, they taught them about their wonderful country and concentrated on FACTS not Theories. Children listened to the fireside chats, they loved the President, they knew who he was! AMERICA WAS A FAMILY!

Eleanor was not just a “do Gooder” as they labelled her. She had an enduring thought process almost like a clairvoyant. She wanted the world to be at peace, My God this woman gave two of her children to the second world war! The League of Nations was her baby (United Nations) today, she dreamed of a world where no country would invade another and the right of liberty was for all God’s creatures. Not Nation Building, building better human beings! Ask yourself, what do they do now? I can tell you they cost the taxpayer of this great nation a great deal of money.

They were formed for this purpose, Whether you like Bill O’Reilly or not, the man is right. We need armies of Mercenaries from every free nation to kill off this idealism army, ISIL. We can’t wait until they start killing us here en mass. Don’t let the media romance you into thinking about Lone Wolf actions, they are connected to the leaders, they listen to the propaganda and to prove themselves they need to kill someone, anyone, maybe you or even worse ME!

There is a funny flaw in Muslim Terrorists belief about going to heaven and getting virgins (why they want virgins is beyond me). They can’t go if they are killed by a WOMAN! They are terrified of woman soldiers and pilots. Did you see that gorgeous American Emerites woman pilot? I loved it. I see a way to benefit from this, I wonder if our government in all their political correctness is smart enough to use it! Terrorists don’t get to heaven if a woman kills them, that is our secret weapon! Alright ladies, climb into those FIGHTER PLANES AND BOMBERS and BLAST THE Hell out of them! TELL THEM THE WOMAN ARE COMING!

Thousands of terrorists are recruited in prisons. We can’t sit by and let this happen. What kind of a person could crucify a little child? Only monsters, deviates, wild dogs who need to be put out of their misery. Because it must be misery to be them.

Winston Churchill, another man who was a beacon of light and hope for the world said “America’s freedoms will kill them.” He was speaking of the fact, a person must do something before we can punish him. Even though we know something bad is going to happen, we wait and watch, not even watch closely! It will be interesting to see what the British do with these murderers who are plotting to kill them. FBI and CIA know who they are and we need to empower them to take care of them, permanently. They are enemies of the WORLD. If anyone leaves here to join up with them…they can never come back, ever. If they do they get locked up or shot! I prefer shot.

I have been listening to a very prominent intelligent Muslim named Zuddi Jasser and he says Obama has it all wrong. This is Islam in it’s worst state. To deny they are Muslims is ignorant. They are Muslims with a radical belief. It would be as if we would cut out the tongue of every child who talked back to his parents! The Bible has passages like that. You see, Christianity was reformed, REFORMATION of the Roman Catholic Church in the fourteenth century. Reformation must happen to Islam. I don’t think American’s will put up with the “pretend it’s not happening” for very long, President Obama better stop trying to defend Islam and figure out how he is going to handle this or this Peaceful Nation won’t be peaceful anymore.

America’s core principals

America was founded on Judeo/Christian principals, let’s keep it that way.

When will we learn? We took God out of the classroom, our lives and now our Country. I went to school in California. A morning prayer, a thanks to God at lunchtime and a short evening prayer is part of our rights as Americans. We Americans can stand to be humbled on occasion. Not preaching to the kids, but giving them a sense of something bigger than themselves for two minutes a day is not only sound thinking it is a protection they feel safe with. God is watching is a good thing to tell them!

We let a few people dictate to us because they are offended? This is so stupid I don’t have words for it. Atheists, go stand in the hall, cover your ears, don’t say anything…whatever, but shut up. Muslims who will never assimilate into our society have no business being here. Judeo/Christian remember?

We were the Beacon of the world, what are we now? God is good for us and we know that. God has been good to us and we know that too. If we give up on God as a nation, will he give up on us? Has HE? We better hope not. It’s time to change things for the better in this country. The Constitution says nothing about prayer in school. Our fore fathers said prayers at every meeting. They had wisdom, do we have wisdom now?

I was at the jewellery counter looking at a Crucifix for my brother and a young girl said to the sales girl, “Can I see that cross with the little man on it?”. The Clerk looked at me and we both looked at her. I couldn’t resist, I said to her “That’s Jesus Christ, do you not know that?” She said, “Oh, my family isn’t religious”. Jesus was a Historical figure not just a religious one. I was astounded with her ignorance. I grew up in a Catholic home so yes, I grew up with religion, but how could a young adult not know this?

People say, let their parents teach them religion. Good idea a few generations ago. Many kids have broken homes AND parents gone most of the time leaving them on their own.  They don’t want them to say prayers but they have no problem rushing them off to an abortionist if they “accidently” get pregnant.  My good God, you can’t give a kid an aspirin in school but you can facilitate an abortion?  IT’S NOT WORKING FOLKS.

Our Country is SUFFERING from lack of direction, strong, honest leadership and a toxic dose of secularism.  Children all know how to use electronics but shy away from History and The founding of our Country. Why? Because they said they would do it without firing a shot and they have done it. Not only have people lost their spiritual way, they turn to all the wrong people to teach and guide them. Hollywood has really let us down here, they could do so much good but they choose evil.  Why?  There is wads of money in good!.

Instead of learning about the Planet, God, Science, the meaning of life and perhaps asking themselves “Why am I here?” they take up a new religion,  a CAUSE. Right now with no real scientific backing it’s Global Warming. They have to believe in something, why not making movie stars and ex politicians rich, that will do it. The truth is, science is working at warped speed to make fuel more efficient and they now have the ability to clean up the environment with processes not even thought of ten years ago.  Scientific progress will make everything better without these empty headed morons causing havoc. These fools do not help us, they cost us money and make us stressed!

Remember the “Tree People” in Northern California putting their children in front of bull dozers to make their points? People were killed because they put nails in designated timber cutting forests, but hey, their religion is a CAUSE not “Thou Shalt not Kill”.

They destroyed the fur industry by attacking farms that RAISED animals for fur for years. They decimated the Canadian Eskimo who had thrived on their own without government aid from the fur industry for decades.  A lot of people lost their livelihoods and for what?  I love animals too but this was an industry folks, no different than the beef or pork industry. I’m not talking about wild seals, I’m talking about MINK, a little rat like creature with a great coat!  Don’t worry, they will move on, there’s always a new Cause around the corner.

You see folks, instead of doing positive things, they concentrate on the Negative, tearing down others is their game because the truth is they are torn down themselves.  In most cases they can’t win at anything, so why not be entertained by causing others to lose?  It’s tragic, they have never heard “Do onto Others” , it’s just not their gig!

Facts mean nothing to them.  The forest service has been replenishing for decades, by the way more trees are destroyed in fire caused by lightning than any other reason………and lately in California by arsonists.  Fix that fools. Oh, I forgot, they can’t fix anything because they spend their days smoking pot and it’s our right to buy it for them!

I didn’t always agree with my teachers but I’m very thankful and glad they taught us something about life, respect and a little faith along the way. GOD BLESS AMERICA…we really need it.

How to Run a Great Government

Without bashing anybody (and it’s so easy to do) this is what we should all do as Americans. Look at all the States in the Union, concentrate on their governors and you will come to a conclusion you may not want or it may not support your agenda.

Conservative states are flourishing, liberal welfare states are buckling under the weight of their own doing. The welfare state contributes nothing, they just take and ponder how to tax and get more.

So you say, what would JESUS do? After all HE taught us to love our brothers and sisters and take care of them. A kinder gentler world, a world of understanding was HIS goal. Yes, he came physically in a time of great turmoil. The Romans were brutal and HE tried to make man realize they could be better and live respectably and fruitfully loving their fellow man. Remember in HIS time, they were killing each other for whatever reason they trumped up, so along comes a KING and HE isn’t dressed like a King and HE doesn’t act like a king and yet, in all HIS splendour we are still talking about HIM today and wondering what HE would do.

I think HIS heart would hurt knowing all the potential and love HIS Father in Heaven gave to us Americans and HE wouldn’t understand why 40% of us don’t care, don’t work, don’t vote and want something for nothing. HE preached for us to take care of one another, HE preached community, loving our children and spouses and thanking HIS father for the gifts HE gave us.

Yes, HE preached not to make MONEY our god, but HE knew the servant was worthy of his wages. He didn’t preach being lazy. In this crazy world we have created, if HE came for a visit now (HE visits the faithful every Sunday in Church) physically came to talk to us today and people begged HIM for food and lodging and marijuana and all the things they think they need….I think HE would teach them to fish.

Into the White House uninvited

The security at the White House is not good. Does this scare you? It should. It is just another example of how big agencies lose tract of purpose.

If I was President Obama, heads would be rolling on this (not literally) when is he going to fire somebody? All these breaches of our security are happening under his watch. Who knows what the guy could have done? What if he had a dirty bomb?

I would be furious with the secret service and would certainly not let them tell the public what a hard job they have. Almost all working Americans have hard jobs and are expected to do them, with consequences if they don’t. One of his children could have been killed not to mention him.

We expect more from our officials. No damn wonder they can’t guard our borders. Too many fingers in the pie, that’s an old saying but boy does it apply. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing….isn’t that exactly what happened in 911? One agency not talking to another agency or whatever excuse they gave at the time. Two many Chiefs and not enough Indians (oops can’t say that either) although I am sure the Indians would understand and concur.

Over 3000 people died and it could have been prevented. So what have they learned? To make the government bigger and less efficient? Anyone who has worked in a big corporation knows exactly how these things happen, but when people are held accountable trust me, it stops or a least slows down! The president would be better off with the security we have in our Homeowner’s association. No body is coming in here I can tell you.

ISIL/ All Islamic Terrorists

What are they about? They seem to hate other Muslims and they kill for sport! In the sixteenth Century they did the same thing. Who can keep up with what name they go by? They murdered thousands of Christians in Armenia not so long ago. Rome had it’s 9/11 in the sixteenth century when they brought in Muslims to do their grunt work and gave them Roman citizenship. Not a good idea. The Persians took over the city, plundered, burned and killed half the Romans!
Could we learn from this?
We are Americans and we have been privileged for a long time. We think if we are nice, people will be nice back and it’s true in civilized society, but we are not talking about civilized society….we are talking about Barbarians.

I don’t think our President wants to kill them, he promised he would bring home the troops and not engage in wars. He brought home the troops too early and destabilized an already volatile situation when all his military advisors told him not to. George Bush detailed it perfectly, but his hate for Pres. Bush was so deep he risked all of us in his reckless decisions. Now we have a Caliphate on our hands, good luck with that.

Can you begin to imagine how terrible it is for the people in these countries who don’t believe in this Muslim doctrine? Egypt who has the artefacts of the world and no tourists to enjoy them. Saudi Arabia who is in this up to their bed sheet attire and now see they will be the first to go! We had won hearts and minds of millions, was it all for naught? We are in a Holy War in 2014!

The only war Obama wants to wage is within our country, pitting the people against each other, demonizing the rich and enjoying all the perks of the White house that the rich will never see or even begin to understand. Talk about lavish living and what about that? We had a revolution to get rid of a King and now we have one?


Obamas parents were Marxists and this is the doctrine he grew up with. Before you get your panties in a bunch, your kids are learning the same thing in University that he learned, only he believed it and got the chance to implement it. Hillary was of the same ilk, she is changing her tune but she was one of them too and she cruised along for the ride.

The Middle East will never be solved, not by us or anyone else. It is part of their doctrine and they ALL believe it otherwise they would leave it. They won’t be killed in America if they become Christians so what is their excuse? They want to live in the Dark Ages. Fine, we don’t want to! Until Muslims are forced to go through a Reformation like the Roman Catholics were forced to do in the fourteenth century, they will remain the barbarians of the world. How can anyone believe they were put on this earth to kill others? It’s nuts, they must misinterpret their writings.

The only thing we can do is realize they will never ASSIMILATE (unless they change their religion) and never be a real part of our society or anyone else’s. These people have destroyed France and they’re working on England. WE WILL ALWAYS FEAR THEM BECAUSE GOOD SENSE TELL US TO. We don’t need or want them here. Let’s see how our politicians handle this going forward.

It is not new, they like to kill it’s in their doctrine. As for Obama, he is going to wait it our until someone else is in charge to make this decision. He has taken this Country so far to the left, even the Democrats can’t honestly say they recognize their party or principals anymore. What happened to America first? The thought of sending our young men, our best hope for the future into a plan that isn’t really a plan at all is unconscionable. What are we going to do here at home? Four of them came across the border 9/10/14, four they caught. And they want us to give up our guns!

Spanking…tough love!

Spanking has been with us forever. It is not near as severe as it once was because we have become a kinder more genteel nation. I admit I spanked my child, and at the time he needed it. I can count the times I did it because he was a quick learner and he didn’t like it. I carried a wooden spoon in my purse and all I did was show it to him and he was fine.

He would say “Be nice mommy and I would say, this is about YOU being nice.”
I told my grandkids I spanked their dad with a wooden spoon and they loved it. They would say “Spank him Grandma, spank him now!” Well, we have to wait until he deserves it and he grew out of being naughty!

Standing in the corner was my least favourite punishment and I would have taken a spanking over that any day. With some people this could get out of control so just don’t do it. Putting marks on a kid is wrong. I sympathise with parents today, they have to think hard for a fair, honourable punishment that really works.

Raising kids is not a job for the faint of heart, talking and reasoning then taking away a video game or favourite toy is likely the way to go. I am glad people are talking about this, it is an opportunity to turn on the News and let your kids see what goes on in THEIR world and how lucky they are. Yes, they should watch the news and know they are Blessed. How can so many college students today not even know who the Vice President is? Who ISIS is, What is happening in the Middle East?

Maybe they should be spanked!