Spanking…tough love!

Spanking has been with us forever. It is not near as severe as it once was because we have become a kinder more genteel nation. I admit I spanked my child, and at the time he needed it. I can count the times I did it because he was a quick learner and he didn’t like it. I carried a wooden spoon in my purse and all I did was show it to him and he was fine.

He would say “Be nice mommy and I would say, this is about YOU being nice.”
I told my grandkids I spanked their dad with a wooden spoon and they loved it. They would say “Spank him Grandma, spank him now!” Well, we have to wait until he deserves it and he grew out of being naughty!

Standing in the corner was my least favourite punishment and I would have taken a spanking over that any day. With some people this could get out of control so just don’t do it. Putting marks on a kid is wrong. I sympathise with parents today, they have to think hard for a fair, honourable punishment that really works.

Raising kids is not a job for the faint of heart, talking and reasoning then taking away a video game or favourite toy is likely the way to go. I am glad people are talking about this, it is an opportunity to turn on the News and let your kids see what goes on in THEIR world and how lucky they are. Yes, they should watch the news and know they are Blessed. How can so many college students today not even know who the Vice President is? Who ISIS is, What is happening in the Middle East?

Maybe they should be spanked!

Sports Violence

Everybody is on the bandwagon about domestic violence and sports. Let’s talk about it. Football is a wonderful sport. I love it and I love the San Francisco 49er’s. I could watch Colin do his magic anytime. It’s a violent sport you say. Alright, what about Hockey? I grew up in Canada and I can tell you, Hockey is a VERY violent sport. Why don’t Hockey players beat up their wives?

They are every bit as juiced up in a game and they are all playing ferociously to get that goal. Yet, they are able to control their fists when they go home. WHY IS THAT?

Think it could be what the parents taught the players about respecting women? They fight each other on the rink and sometimes I cringe, I’ve seen blood on the ice plenty of times. It’s the players. It’s what they believe and accept in each other.

Now, here’s something else. When you get off a plane in Canada, you see signs that say “Beat your Wife, Go to Prison”. It’s like “quiet” in the library, you just know. And, if a police officer goes out on a domestic violence call and sees with his own eyes the little woman has been hit, beaten or hurt by the man…he makes the arrest without HER consent or HER involvement. He is charged by the “Crown” or province. This law was passed in Canada because at one time they had problems with domestic violence. Canadians love their beer. They probably still have some, but not much. This could be as easy as passing laws to protect people from themselves (battered wives) often blame themselves.

Don’t tell me Hockey isn’t as brutal as football, all sports are competitive. A NO TOLERANCE POLICY SHOULD BE PUT IN PLACE NOW!


Liberty is always dangerous but it is all we have. In Liberty There is no place to hide a sin
because the conscience of Liberty keeps looking in!

Politicians, don’t lie to us, yes lies are sins! We can take the truth but we will not tolerate the lies. This country is more divided on more issues than ever in our history and the lies just keep on coming.

It is time for Americans to wake up and get in touch with what is going on. Our children don’t even talk about current events anymore, we could lose our Liberty easy enough if the younger generation doesn’t understand what it is!
Parents, if your children don’t know what September 11th means to this nation, then we are doomed.

Youth has other interests, but when they take no notice of their country they are in great danger of losing the very thing that has given them their wonderful lives.

It’s time for sober conversation in the home. Take your kids to see America the movie by Dinesh Sousa, go with them. The ignorance of world events in this country is staggering. Our education system is failing all of us and we are letting them do it. Our children and our LIBERTY is at risk.


Here we are Sept 11, and the Middle East is still at it. I try to watch the news and understand what is happening over there but it is hard to follow. Who are they? Are they just a bunch of young guys with nothing to do so they occupy themselves with blood sport? And what about Saudi Arabia, they teach hate in their schools and they perpetuate this stuff and they want our help? I suppose they are waking up to the fact that it will soon be over for them if they don’t do something.

Are some good, not good, all bad, some bad, what are we supposed to believe? Since 635 AD they have been killing each other, now they have sophisticated weapons to do it with. What kind of people are they? They aren’t beheading Russians, I wonder why. Putin would annihilate them and he wouldn’t care about collateral damage. I for one am afraid of them. I am afraid of the ones that are here. If we arm them they can and likely will turn on us so what can we do. I think we had our chance and the Pres. got cold feet. He was so bent on bringing our military home, now we have a full scale war to contend with. The map of what they have taken over is stunning. It’s going to take a long time to fix this if ever.

The Bible says we will have wars and rumors of war all the days of our lives. I’m glad it isn’t here, but I don’t think there is a quick and easy solution. We should expect more from our dysfunctional, over sized and paralysed government. Seal the borders and quick. Stop putting Americans at risk with your politics.

Plastic Bags

Here we go again. No plastic bags in California. We have so many problems in this State I don’t have enough time to tell you, but this is the kind of thing they dwell on. I love plastic bags. They are easy to carry, I re use them and they will not fill up the landfills like Paper will (ask any scientist, not environmentalist) , especially these thick brown paper bags and what about diapers?

What  they really want to do is stop people from littering. Of course, they can’t say that right out…it may offend some slob who is doing it. Listen, I don’t litter and most of our children don’t litter because they have been taught not to. Yes, the freeways are disgusting with plastic bags, paper cups, cigarette butts ( although in California that is stupid beyond compare), cans, bottles you name it. I HAVE A SOLUTION.

There is a LITTER FINE almost everywhere. Once a week the police department volunteers will go out for a full day and fine people who litter. They can record the action and the licence number. The revenue would be huge and it won’t cost us anything except gasoline (which is sort of like gold these days). I guarantee you, one month of fines and these idiots who carelessly toss things out of their cars will be cured.

Can’t pay the fine? You will be sentenced to one eight hour day of trash pickup on the freeways. You will wear hot pink jumpsuits so everyone can see you and laugh at you. We should have pillories, youngsters don’t know what they are unless they take History…Look it up! Why does everyone have to suffer because a few break the law? I am tired of being told what I can and cannot do but, I will defend the litter law.

My grandchildren do beach clean up every summer and it teaches a great lesson. I asked Brian (we call him little Mr.last word)
“Hey Brian darling, what does picking up litter on the beach teach you?
“Grandma, some people are just better than others.”
He is so right! Cleanliness’ is next to Godliness, remember that one? Give us back our plastic bags, they are germ free and they could bring great revenue for our State!

Riots in America

In 1967 My parents were living in California and I was a young married woman going to school and living in Windsor, Ontario Canada. I stood on the Canadian side of the border and watched Detroit burn. It was like watching a fireworks display, we were separated by the Detroit river and not afraid, but horrified.

When it was over twelve days later, 43 were dead, 1189 injured and 2000 buildings were destroyed. The city was in shambles and Detroit has never recovered from it. It went down hill and is now as far down as a city can go. Who would want to go there and start a business when they see what the citizens are capable of? Who did it hurt? The fools burned down their own gov’t housing and killed their own people and why? They call it civil unrest, it is vandalism and brainless rage.

Believe it or not, I was in L.A. in 1992 with my cousin Peter. We were in Hollywood at a theatre when riots broke out. We headed for the freeway to go home (Orange County) and saw people smashing windows and running down the street with television sets. Funny thing was, they too burned down their own homes, what were they going to do with the televisions?

Again, 53 dead, 2000 injured and 1700 structures destroyed. Los Angeles hasn’t recovered either. All they did was bring death and destruction to their own people. Who wants to open businesses in L.A. today? Not only is it nearly impossible with all the unnecessary regulations, it’s not profitable for corporations to come here.

Go ahead and call it Civil Unrest, I call it the end of opportunity for all who live there.

There have been many riots since these two notable ones, but here we are in 2014 and still witnessing riots. Why? Yes a man has been killed but why not wait until the investigation is over and see what really happened? How is looting and vandalizing going to solve anything? And why does this only happen in black communities?

Eric Holder is a black man, do they really think he is not going to investigate this? The real leaders of the black communities need to educate their people to the fact, this behaviour is stupid, unnecessary and makes people FEAR them. THEY ONLY HURT THEMSELVES AND COST TAXPAYERS MILLIONS! Haven’t we come farther than this?

In England, they stopped the riots by withholding gov’t subsidies, so if you were living in your mother’s basement she was in danger of losing her residence and then where would you be living?

Civilized people are INDIVIDUALS not groups of thugs roaming the streets causing havoc for their neighbours. This will be resolved and the only ones hurt will be the people in the community…or so it seems. But the ones really hurt are the Black people themselves because they will get lumped into this mess as “Black People” and people will believe ‘Rioting’ is what they do and it should be expected.

Where is the real racism in this country? By the way, racism has existed since the Bible, ask the Jews. Ask the Italians who immigrated to New York. The Irish, The Polish, the Japanese, the Vietnamese (who all prosper in this country and do not participate in RIOTS). The educated and prosperous blacks must speak out against this violence.

Changing hearts and minds is only done by witness of behaviour and people drawing THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS not what the media spins. It is time for strong smart (and their are many) blacks to come forward and talk turkey about problems in black communities and why they are having them. Poverty can be avoided. Illegitimate children is the fastest way to poverty, don’t do it!

Charter schools excelled many minorities but the unions shut them down. In many cases, black people want charter schools for their children but our HELPFUL gov’t wants us all to buy the kool-aid public schools dish up. The answer to all this is LEADERSHIP and less worry about what is politically correct. Stop using Hollywood as your guide, you can’t live like them and succeed, they are rich and can cover their own mistakes. YOU CAN”T.

This is an American tragedy and should have been solved a long time ago. It is time to stop helping disable them and empower them with REAL education and jobs. Point out ‘Hope and Prosperity” are personal goals and can and will be achieved by those who work for it. Unrest is never about one thing, but in this day and age it is unacceptable and downright stupid.