Come together over me

They will come together.  Trump did hurt feelings and I wish I could take back a few things he said…but not all.  He is right on about everything and we know it.  The tassel shoed men discussing how to save the world in bars in Georgetown have failed and they are mighty upset.  We sent you to Washington and you didn’t represent us!  Party is over boys.  Even those on government aid should wonder about their futures.

Dumbing down the country and making everyone the same  is not the answer and never will be.  Sticks and Stones….remember? It is time for America to change, the same old guys want the same old things….not this time.

Donald is far from perfect but only God is perfect. Many world leaders were brash, remember Churchill?  He was the greatest man of our century and often a clown when it came to behaviour. He despised fancy cocktail parties and disingenuous people and had fun insulting them!

“Mr. Churchill, I do believe you are drunk.”

“Yes I am and you madam are ugly.  In the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”

Doesn’t get much worse than that, yet this often insensitive, brilliant man saved the free world.

Petty arguments and bruised feelings are not worth us losing an election that will matter for years to come.  Quite often we find the truth hurts!  We simply cannot go on the way we have been, Hillary has no new ideas, she is the old guard and she must go.  She is part of the cause, certainly not the solution. Get over the nonsense,  let’s get on board the Trump train and make this country great again.

Nun extraordinaire, Mother Angelica

When I want to feel like a child again, I turn on the television and watch EWTN with Mother Angelica. I know she is old fashioned, but some things never change.  We have the young to teach us the things that change and the old to teach us the important things that never change. She takes me back to the simple life we used to live.  She is almost Always right!  She talks about God and our place here on earth and how God has a plan for us.

We pray it’s a good one!

The world is all hustle bustle today with electronics making us smart and confused at the same time.  We need it, it sometimes owns us, but listening to Mother Angelica it all seems more simple somehow.

I had nuns I did not like, one in particular Sister Dolorosa.  My father picked her as my music teacher because she was Italian, I didn’t like her one bit!  She fell down a flight of stairs and I got a new nun, sister Joseph.  At first I thought I had ” the power” and made her go away with wishful thinking!  That alone should give you an idea of what a handful I was.  I wasn’t a bad kid, just a clever and always thinking one.  My mother had my number  and would say “Judi Mae, I know you are making the balls and  the rest of them are firing  them” and she was right!

When I  grew older I realized I didn’t like her because she was “strict” and was on to me when I didn’t practice. She disciplined me with a tone and a particular look over her glasses that scared the wits out of me. She was in charge and I practiced!  Sister Dolorosa taught me more in two years than any other teacher I had!  Children need discipline to become balanced individuals, we had plenty of discipline at school and are better for it.

Mother  Angelica died on Easter Sunday, she was 92. She had common sense and optimism.  She was a straight talker and a saint.  To me her most  valuable lesson was, Jesus calls us all to be saints , don’t miss  the opportunity!  She never did.


Watching the horror in Brussels and knowing it could have been prevented is just too much.  These cretins are going to Middle Eastern Countries and being trained to kill.  Then they just stroll back into the country and kill their friends and neighbors.  Trump is right, the families know what they are doing.  These idiots are making bombs in their residences and they don’t care if they kill their relatives!  The neighbourhood where they live is known to be a hot bed of terrorists and they are paralysed into believing they won’t hurt them?

Europe must do their part we just can’t do it all. They don’t have raids at night? They are at War and they watch them?  They  worry about feelings? Trump’ s right, we could never follow their lead and we must be the leader or we will all be touched by this.  I agree with him, sympathy is necessary but using our resources wisely is much better.  My Good God, they know who these people are, why are they allowing them to kill their citizens?  They can get as mad as they like at Donald Trump and if it helps them mobilize then great!

It’s always reactive not proactive.  A culture of people who look the other way our of political correctness will be a culture of dumb dead bunnies!  Are we doing the same stupid things?  it’s hard to understand why we can’t organize this effort and stop this carnage. Why don’t we?   WE NEED A LEADER to organize our Muslim allies and get this thing done.  They are just as afraid as we are!

Common sense just ain’t too common.


SAME OLD LIP SERVICE DIFFERENT DAY (terrorism is real Mr. President)

He talks a good game.  He tries to make us feel guilty for not wanting refugees from the Middle East in our country.  He talks about American values, he does not demonstrate them and I for one am tired of hearing his same talking points and empty threats. Hillary is scared to disagree with him.  I don’t believe for one second she thinks it’s a good idea, a humanitarian she is not.  She knows where her bread is buttered and also knows the butter can go away pretty damn quick.

The Middle East is a mess and has been for a very long time.  This administration made it worse, no doubts there. She has no answers and doesn’t get the questions. Libya is her creation, she took credit in her book (it’s her very own words). It is sad that people under 50 have no clue about all the nefarious deals she has been involved in, what she has cost the taxpayers and just how incompetent and inept she has been her entire political life.  Bill looks like a deer in the headlights trying to prop her up.  What are her accomplishments?  Besides marrying him, no one seems to know.

People say she has experience.  So what, it has all been bad!

It is going to take a very strong leader, a person who garners attention and has the ability  to lead the fight, engage and involve others and win this damn thing.  Donald Trump was right and just watch how many people say the same things he said in a little gentler way, the same just exactly the same!  He is a bull in a china shop no doubt, but he is our bull and we need him.

In our History we have made a few mistakes but we must never look to Europe for direction. They have never had it together, we got away from them for a reason!  Churchill had guts and they hated him, thankfully he did not care.  He was outspoken, uncouth and smart as hell.  He was a patriot and he saved us and baby we need saving now.

The people have had enough.  Bernie Sanders won by a landslide in Utah and immediately her minions defended her. She lost to Obama in the same fashion.  They say white people won’t vote for her, perhaps she should ask why.  Maybe the working middle class in this country are real tired of paying the bills.  When the people want a communist sympathizer over a sort of socialist it say’s quite a bit!  Remember these for the most part are  single women (with children) and youth, not exactly the people who make America great!

America needs a lesson in economics.  No Country can survive open borders and welfare for all who come.  This is a political revolution, it could be worse and if it doesn’t change I think in our life time we will see just how bad it can get!

Lock up the borders, E verify to all who enter and no one comes without a sponsor.  the way it was for years.  No assistance to anyone who is not a citizen and the sick, the mentally ill wandering the streets and our Veterans must be taken care of.  When I was a kid we had Norwalk and Fairview Mental Facilities and it was rare to see vagrants.  Vagrancy was against the law!  As it should be today.  Why should we pay for parks and clean beaches for bums to sleep in?  What about our kids and our rights?  We just get to pay and put up with it.  It’s pathetic.

We want our Country back.  Liberal politics have destroyed California.  We need a leader who talks straight, expects people to be productive and creates an environment for them to do so.  The rest of the world is demonstrating Liberalism and it isn’t working and never has.  Many of our allies are trying to move to the right, it may even be too late for Europe.  Like us they tangle themselves up in laws and paralyse the entire process with bloated government living off the people.  England may pull out of the Union, they never did go on the Euro proof they didn’t like the idea in the first place.  Angela Merkel has been a disaster for Germany.  Argentina has a ray of sunshine in a newly elected leader, looks like they are figuring it out.  They elected the son of the richest family in Argentina and he is a businessman and a friend of Donald Trump!

I want Trump to win.  I am only a citizen with one vote but the man makes sense to me.  I don’t like anyone coming in without proper papers and hello, we are at war with  Radical Muslims!  The ones who are here that have assimilated are just fine, the ones who aren’t…home they go.  That was the original design of the green card…you had five years to assimilate or you could not be a citizen!  We have become a nation of anything goes and guess what…almost anything does!