I Believe my success in business was largely because I though like a MAN and was no doubt a WOMAN.
OUTRAGED? Please think about it.
Having thousands of employees work for me for forty four years, I learned many valuable lessons to apply to life.
Men are different than women and “Viva La Differance!”
WOMEN ARE MORE EMOTIONAL THAN MEN, by design. Men in general can skip to the bottom line while women are often mired in the minutia.
This election is a great example. Being worried about a man kissing a woman without permission while the world is on fire really makes women look rather indesisive and frankly, silly.
Trump went into this race precisely for the reason we are seeing before our lying eyes. The government is corrupt. Many politicians are involved in the “I scratch your back and you scratch mine.” Trump like most of us thinks it’s time to concentrate on the Country!
The ring leader of corruption and bad judgement is HILLARY CLINTON! It should concern all of us that never in our history have tax payers had to pay hundreds of millions in legal fees for a President. The Clinton’s were up to their eye balls in scandals the entire time they occupied the White House .
TO DATE THE DEMOCRAT PARTY cannot articulate her purpose for running or name her accomplishments.
Should this matter?
TRUMP will stimulate the economy with jobs and a brighter futures for us. Trump wants to make this country safe again. Law and Order. He will surround himself with intelligent advisors and he will listen to his military commanders. He is not sympathetic to the “Muslim” cause. Are you?
Under Democrat Rule we have 40% of our citizens on welfare and an economy that is sluggish at best. The average American feels this, the elites are loving it.
The Murders and gang violence in our major cities is astounding and has been for a very long time. Trump knows, the more who are in the work force, the better off we all are. Hillary has said “welfare stimulates the economy”. She is a political hack and has no clue how to build anything.
Bernie Sanders was right when he said “Hillary is owned by Wall Street.”
A vote for Hillary is a vote for the same as usual corrupt Washington.

Being caught up in Trump’s love life is a smoke screen. I care what people “Do” the rest is white noise.
Are you telling me many women don’t care about the issues? Sure looks that way.
if women cared about their families, their safety, their job advancement, school choice and a better life for more of us they would not be caught up in tabloid nonsense. Failing schools and murders in the major cities out of control. Illegal Immigration, ISIS….we have plenty to be concerned about.

It makes me think many women should not vote. If they can’t see every decision she made in the Middle East was wrong, the fact she jeopardized our National Security to hide her criminal activity in their foundation and all known and prosecuted past scandals, then I shake my head at the stupidity.

One World Order

Hillary’s email revealed she wants a One World Order…. America, are you paying attention? She told you this by saying she wants OPEN BORDERS. You see, many politicians with huge swelling heads don’t mind a one world order if they can run it.

They long ago dumped the idea that is America…that is really what America is…. a glorious idea!  Our founding father’s had it right, these fools are playing with fire and we are going to get burned…not them. They will continue to amass fortunes until there is a vast separation between the workers and the elites, this is how Europe, England in particular became a country in chaos with elite leadership telling them the government would make their lives better. So, they got low cost housing (slum living) gov’t subsides (food staples) no real jobs and mediocre health care. Such a deal!  No hope, something America cannot and will not stand for. Constant gov’t intervention chipped away at the fragile eroding middle class, many fell below the poverty line and needed the corrupt government who was causing their problems!

But, The English people had one thing they forgot about.

PATRIOTISM! They liked being English. They loved their country warts and all. They even loved their Queen! They got sick to death of the elites telling them they were better off…they knew they weren’t. They had civil unrest, they had strife and watched their standard of living shrink. The economy was in free fall. Sure the wealthy were doing fine…..they always do, but unlike America, there wasn’t much chance of getting wealthy with the system the wealthy put in place.  So, the elites got a shock…BREXIT!

What a shocker! How could the people of England be so unhappy? Maybe they didn’t like open borders and being over run with people who do not like them or think like them…and they never will. People who wanted medieval laws and customs…and just maybe they were afraid of living in fear of being killed by them!

Meanwhile, America has concentrated on picking up papers in the park and shaming those who toss trash in the streets. In England they concentrate on trying to teach these hairballs not to rape their women!

England knows war on their shores. They know first hand what can happen. Germany does too but they haven’t figured out how to successfully rebel yet. They will.

One World Order……evil politicians know what they are doing. They don’t give a tinkers damn about this country being exceptional…they want it to be like all the others and the way to do that is civil unrest.  Take over the healthcare, control the sub standard education system, cause divisions…divide and conquer…they are doing it!

But we have a weapon. We have Patriotism too.

DONALD TRUMP is a bar room brawler with a head for business and the heart of a peasant. He knows what they are trying to do. He loves America, he thinks we are exceptional and he wants to do something about it. He knows they have sent our manufacturing away. He knows everyone is not a doctor or a lawyer. He knows the most valuable asset we have is our people, workers, farmers, doctors and small business entrepreneurs. And he knows we are exceptional and when we stand together as Americans…. we are unstoppable.

Do you really care what he said to another man in private? Are there really adults out there who don’t think a man who owned a beauty pageant wasn’t getting ANY? Hollywood is predicated on this stuff and the people love it. Bill Clinton had sex with women in the White House, I wonder if he used dirty words? Hillary doesn’t care because they are a power couple intent on exactly that…power. Bill is a crooked and very skilled politician with a deep and scary flaw…he is a predator. Donald Trump is not going to have sex with anyone in the White House except his beautiful wife.

Enough is enough. The media is on this because they like it the way it is.

It is wrong, it is immoral but I am not trying to elect a religious leader, I want to elect someone who will stop the corruption in Washington and let us be what we were designed to be…. The beacon of the world with a strong military, vibrant economy and lead by selfless patriots.

The Patriots would have been shooting by now!

Gone with the Windsock

This is just another chapter of the original book “As the Stomach Turns” the  ongoing saga of the Clinton’s. The not so secret rendezvous of Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, talking trash on the tarmac in Arizona in 106 degree weather. Golfing? A man with a heart condition?  She doesn’t have grandchildren and talking about his grandchildren for 30 minutes would be …well not likely. The fix is in folks but we knew all along didn’t we?

As the jets fly, we gather for the academy award winning performances of two innocent actors bumping into each other to discuss postponing the “other” scandal….THE CLINTON FOUNDATION, where miniscule amounts of money go to “causes” and the Clinton’s live like royalty from the well intended donors money.

Her platform is to trash talk Trump, she has nothing else. I have yet to see her accomplishments unless you call blowing up the middle east something to be proud of.

She tried to take credit for a Children’s Foundation in Arkansas back in the good old days but Edward Kennedy kicked her in the pantsuit. It was HIS cause and she never touched it. Ever notice that the Kennedy’s (the only prominent Democratic Party Family) have nothing to do with the Clampetts, Oh I mean Clintons. Then we have do nothing Senator from New York, promising jobs but no delivery on that. Oh, but I did find two post offices she named in Arkansas all by herself while doing a job Bill gave her.

America, if we don’t wake up she will be adding chapters of scandal for the next four years. If anyone believes she will do anything positive for this country they are not paying attention….History tells us what she will do, WHAT SHE SAY’S DOESN’T MEAN A THING.