PARIS in darkness

The City of Light is dark today. This could have been predicted without a crystal ball! I don’t have an answer, but our world leaders need to work hard on one. France has a major problem and it’s not with Catholics!

Now is not the time for this country to fragment over nonsense. The police need to be heavily armed, very heavily armed, they need to profile absolutely and this political correctness from the left needs to dissipate, now. Don’t think it can’t happen here.

We are at war with these people and we need to identify them.  Everyone is not welcome.  There is no law in this country except OUR law. What gives them the right to come here and change our ways?  Our government should deport them if they don’t assimilate, no ifs, ands, or buts. Who said that? President Roosevelt and that’s why there was a five year period before you could get citizenship. This is not freedom of religion because RADICAL ISLAM is not a religion.  This is tyranny. Let our intelligence community do their jobs.

They have killed thousands of Muslims too. It’s time to separate the criminals from the law abiding citizens. What is our president afraid of? He simply will not call these terrorists Muslim Extremists. He is afraid of them just like the rest of us but he shrinks into a corner and thinks it will go away. Not happening any time soon.

Remember Napoleon? Everyone was afraid of him too. They tried to appease him and make bargains with him. If it wasn’t for Lord Nelson, there wouldn’t be an England! You can’t make deals with bad men and everybody with a brain knows it.

American Blinders

I have always been interested in the Second World War as my father served in the Air Force in Britain. recently I read something that shocked me. We are aware that the English were deeply rationed, an egg was a luxury and they had a once a week meat ration. They have an ocean so thankfully, God provided fish but many of them were on the brink of starvation when the Americans went into the war. The English love their dogs, during the war they killed thousands of them. It was against the law to feed dogs meat, yet many wealthy English in the countryside fed their dogs canned ham while children went to bed hungry.

Americans love their dogs, but a dog is the only animal that has no use. This is what the English came to believe to survive. I look at my poodle and think of how horrible it must have been for those who lost their family pets, but in perspective, they had a lot more to worry about. I wonder how many dogs ended up in sausages? It’s a sobering thought but one we should all think about and thank God for our Blessings.

We in America have it all. All those who are rioting in our streets should be made to watch movies from the Second World War. They have no clue of how fortunate they are. They gloss over these important lessons, have no interest in current events and most of these rebels have no knowledge of anything concrete. They are empty headed people who constantly challenge the establishment and hold them up for money.

They say they don’t care about money, huh? They want yours! Even the poor in this country live better than many in other parts of the world and yes we can always be better but, GOD helps those who help themselves and there are libraries everywhere. NO MORE EXCUSES! WORK, Integrity, honesty, pride all have become unfamiliar concepts to them. We as a nation have never faced bombs in our neighbourhoods, our homes blown up and living in constant fear of a brutal enemy. We should worry, 911 killed 3000 of us, don’t forget it for an instant. We can learn a lot from the English. They persevered and we helped them and thank God we did.

The world has always had horrific times and of course always will. That’s why we are down here! We’re supposed to fix it! From those who have much, much is expected. Christians have been in the Middle East for centuries, what is being done?

The Main Stream News Media lends little truth to the War in the Middle East. Our young men are dying for peace there, it’s obvious ISIS must be stopped. I don’t know why Saudi Arabia (who caused a lot of this radicalism) is not held accountable. Free Nations of the World should send Mercenaries to Kill Isis off (the Saudi’s should pay for it) the Catholic Church should monetarily help also. Who is talking about this?

That in itself is the problem, talk, talk, talk. we are going to investigate and get to the bottom of one crisis after another. Politicians count on time because Americans shave short attention spans and there will be a new crisis around the corner to worry about,

This is all right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Talk until they get tired…do nothing. I hope I am wrong and they just aren’t’ telling us what they are doing but I can tell you, we have much more to worry about than the police in this country. These false narratives are purposely developed to take your eye off the ball. There are a few bad police I’m sure, but do what they tell you and don’t try to take their guns! What are you thinking?

There will always be bad people, priests, housewives, husbands, lamplighters…you name it. Don’t let them fool you, America is not safe as long as ISIS is operating and this is something to worry about.

ROCKERS, you, me and your kids!

This morning I watched “Outnumbered’ and the guest was one of my favourite people, Gene Simmons. Yes he is a rocker, but what a smart one. When my son Jeff was ten, I took him and a few of his friends to see KISS perform in L.A. and I had as much fun as they did.

Jeff wanted to go so badly, he convinced me Paul Stanley was a Christian! I laughed to myself but even then I realized how brilliant they all had to be to paint their faces and hide their “identity”, they can still perform today like youngsters. And they are good.

Jeff and I used to dance around the stereo to ‘Christine 16′ and ‘Firehouse’, I was a fan of the Rolling Stones but KISS was better for the younger set.

My husband and I went to see ‘Credence Clearwater’ revisited in Rancho Mirage last weekend and memories of my little Jeffrey dancing to ‘Down on the Corner’ flooded my eyes with tears. Music is a powerful glue that can bind us together.

Gene Simmons is an Israeli, American, he is funny, engaging and very intelligent. He did a bit on how kids can succeed and also how women should make their own money, he was funny but what he said was true. He said the most important person in your life is your mother and you better know it. A psychiatrist friend of mine once told me, a child can survive a bad father, but a bad mother is most often a different story.

The prisons are filled with children who had bad parents, not all did but most. Gene said “No” is a word every parent should be familiar with. I totally agree, I believe you are not their friend, you are their guidance councillor!

I agree with Gene, but just once in a while it is really fun to be their friend and take them to see one of their favourite musicians. I took Jeff to see the Rolling Stones when he was 30 years old and he loved it. We wore black leather jackets, jeans and boots and we had a great time. It’s o.k. to be their friend once in a while….it’s good for you too, but being their parent will always be the most rewarding and beneficial role you ever play. A good conservative, strong reasoning parent who gives them boundaries, loves them unconditionally and talks to them regularly!

My book, THE ANGELS OF WARWICK, is all about family relationships…the ties that bind. Read it and meet some wonderful, quirky, marvellous people you will never forget and I hope you love them as much as I did!


Big holiday in America, but how did it start? Witches Warlocks and Banshees were the originals. While visiting my cousins in England, I was shown iron tethers in the ground where they held the witches before burning them to death for crimes like fortune telling, tarot reading, so called devil worship…..maybe they wanted a new wife, whatever!

In my book ANGELS OF WARWICK, I introduce you to a few naughty witches, a notable graveyard and a most interesting murder!

Salem in New England still has many sites and History tells gruesome tales of witchcraft and skulduggery. How many witches do you think they murdered? Actually none, because a real witch would get away!

We have made it a fun holiday and kids really enjoy it. Hardly any witches or black cats out there anymore, Disney characters, ballerinas, fairy god mothers, movie stars just plain fun. Children do not relate to the origin and that is good, but a little history can’t hurt them.

The Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Day of the Dead and people confuse Halloween with this Holy day. This is a day of remembering loved ones who have passed away, when I was a kid I thought it was spooky but now I understand it and find it comforting.

Halloween is fun, everybody can be someone else for one day a year. It is also a big day for retailers so everybody wins. Don’t take it away from kids. Last year my Church had a dress up and children could be their favourite Saint and tell about them.  Afterwards, they changed into their ghost and goblins and enjoyed Halloween in it’s now traditional form. Kids are amazing and talented. They came up with some great stuff.

Let them have candy…so what. One year my son came home with a toothbrush from a dentist who gave him candy! Good message. Let kids be kids, they are wrapped in cotton batten half the time. We were KIDS and we had fun, let them have fun too and wear a costume yourself, it’s very enlightening, go ahead create some memories. I put on my skeleton earrings and wear my witch hat and hand out candy every Halloween. I love it!

I always kept my Cleopatra black as night cat in on Halloween. I’m sure she wanted to roam around on this SCARY night, I didn’t let her, just in case!

Angels of Warwick

My new book ANGELS OF WARWICK just launched and I invite all who love to read to read it! It is a family saga mystery/murder/romance and will take you to days when things seemed simpler but were every bit as complicated as they are now! I love to write and this story is right from the heart, my beautiful mother and favourite aunt take you on a life adventure of excitement, despair, laughter, tears and all emotions! Jump into the little Durant Coupe and go on an adventure with two women very ahead of their time…..I loved them and you will too!

AMERICANS (Blue and Red fiber)

Too much fighting, lets stick to the issues and stop letting people make us crazy.  Figures don’t lie but liars can figure.  Statistics can be altered any way they want them to be, depending on the question.  Pull their masks off.  Try some common sense. Look at the people in government and ask yourself real questions.  Do you trust this person?  If so why?  What have they done to garner your respect and loyalty? How do they live?  What is their family like?  What are their principals, not just what they say, what are they?

You can tell a lot about a person by watching their body movements.  I can tell when people are irritated even though they are trying desperately to hide it.  I am sick to death of these people who cover for their favourites no matter what they do, you don’t have to bash them, just don’t cover for them. Why lie and sin your own soul for someone who is not doing the right thing? These mouthpieces for Obama are amazing, they can’t even get their stories straight. They spin, change language to suit their purpose and no one can call a spade a spade!

For the most part, Americans are not dumb.  Many are misinformed, but even though a lot of people for the past twenty five year have taken no interest in what their elected officials are doing, isn’t it time to pay attention?

We have so many things going on right now, the truth would sure come in handy.  I for one am not going to be politically correct, I think it does more harm than good.  A person doesn’t have to be rude to have an opinion different that yours.  Too much media, too many lies and not enough honest people in government.  GOD IS WATCHING.


Here we go! I am terrified of viruses. I had one ten years ago that almost killed me! They hospitalized me, then put me out so I wouldn’t effect anyone and never did know what I had! They sent my blood to Atlanta for testing and they said I was perfectly healthy. I was so weak I could hardly walk, I had a rash all over my core and I was short of breath. All I did was sleep for three weeks and pray I didn’t give it to my grandchildren.

One specialist said I contacted it from a GUATEMALEN GROUND SQUIRREL. He asked if I had been to Mexico recently, I go to Mexico but I hadn’t been out of California for a year.  He said “Honey, this is only one of ten thousand viruses you could get, most aren’t fatal. Look on the bright side, you probably built up your immune system.” Easy for him to say!

I was a bank manager at the time and I shook hands with people all day long. There were several strawberry fields around us and he thought one of the workers came in to cash a check and I had some kind of contact with him and viola….virus.

I got well after six weeks of being off work. I have not shook hands with anyone since!
I am one of those people who go to the doctor and check all the “no” boxes. I have perfect health. I walk two miles a day, wear my sunscreen and keep myself fit.

In August 2013, I got shingles (another virus). I was very ill. If I help you in any way TODAY, PLEASE GET YOUR SHINGLES SHOT. I still have nerve pain occasionally, nothing I can’t handle. I find it acts up if I am tired so I quickly remedy that!

Now here comes Ebola. It often is FATAL. I am very worried. How could our country let anyone come here from Africa right now? And this man flew back and forth! I’m telling you our government does not protect us and this is supposed to be their only job! It is why they were formed, to protect our shores. They can’t even protect the President! Are we becoming incompetent? We have more information than ever before but I think we lack common sense. Too politically correct to speak up for what is right.

My dad used to say one of these days we will all be behind gates afraid to leave our houses. He was referring to crime. Forget crime…what about germs? Our government needs to do a better job of this.

Just sayin’.