Teen Nudity in the news!

Punish them, but don’t hurt them for the rest of their lives. This is a wake up call for all parents to pay attention to what kids are doing with their phones and their TIME! My heart goes out to the many shocked parents, some crying and demanding to see the photos because they couldn’t believe their child would do such a thing.

Kids do things without thinking and rarely ponder the outcome. It would have been interesting to be privy to some of the conversations with parents. Some parents will take charge and put their kid in private school. Some will think it’s cute and that is where the problem lies.

In our culture of selfies; everybody wants their moment of fame. This is not the way to get it!
I can’t imagine my kid doing such a thing not even on a dare! I am sure I don’t need to know all his peccadillos but I can guarantee he was smart enough not to record them!

Children who are taught respect for themselves and others know this is stupid and wrong. It isn’t funny and it isn’t cute. I’d like to see the kids who were involved. Bet there weren’t many who have two parents or attend church or synagogue…. if any.
This country is on a moral downhill spiral and the only way to fix it is to return to firm principals and consequence for actions. NO EXCUSES. I am sure most of these kids would not want their relatives gawking at them in the nude, but I could be wrong.

We are supposed to be the children of the 60’s, the wild kids. I was a popular teen and I don’t remember anything like this at my California high school. I loved my parents, I would have never shamed them.

I can’t think of a better time to bring up SCHOOL CHOICE, shouldn’t they be going to school to learn and study? Do these kids really think they will be able to compete in the workplace with this mindset? USA is way down the list in education…it’s time to do something about it.

These little brats should have to do one year of community service…they might learn something valuable.

Grandmothers Wisdom!

I recently saw a survey by our government on children with sleep deprivation. I was curious, why do we need to spend money on this nonsense? it creates a nothing job for a nobody! Scientists in clinical studies came to the conclusion, children need a minimum of eight hours sleep every night to get good grades and have better moods.

Alright, I will agree, but how do we accomplish this? With parenting, not guilt that the little darlings don’t see enough of you. What they don’t see is enough of the inside of their eyelids.

The article also said the parents have better relationships when the children go to bed by eight o’clock every night. This gives them a chance to be alone! Wow, this is news. It can create better relationships and of course the result will be happier children.

Alright, I totally agree. Now, I ask you this, did we need to spend taxpayer money to find this out? Did we need a study? Let me tell you what should have been done.

They should have asked a grandmother, almost any grandmother. It might be fun to ask them about the kids diet too. When I was little, we got potato chips on Saturday night and half a coke. We stayed up until 9:00 and we got up and went to Mass. We had a Hershey bar maybe once a month and my family were not poor!

Before bed, my mother gave the three of us a small bowl of cereal with a little milk. (I was four years older so my job was to read to my siblings for 30 minutes) and they loved it. Voila! The milk made us sleep and we got up ready to go. My mother didn’t need a study, we went to bed at eight o’clock and we got up at 7:00, ate our breakfast and went to school for 8:00. We were happy, healthy children and our parents had a happy health relationship.

So, next time, just ask the grandmother. She has the right stuff.

What Would JESUS Do?

What if Jesus came to visit us today? He comes for someone everyday, but what if he actually walked amongst us and gave us some of HIS wisdom on our level in this time and place.

I think he would be glad about many things and very sad about others. He knows America is the greatest place on earth and he knows His Father gave us a lot of opportunity for privilege and prosperity. He would wonder why so many don’t want to thank HIM.

He would be disappointed in our bloated government and expect us all to contribute to society. He didn’t say a thing about taking from one to give to another. A Person who doesn’t work can’t help a soul! He would wonder why 40% have disengaged and are waiting for the good Samaritan!

He would be ashamed how we only had ten rules to follow and we have so much trouble following them…especially when they were just made for our lives to be better.

Jesus knew a man must work to earn his pay and he didn’t say anything about giving it to others or taking it either! HE did say we were supposed to look after each other with generous acts of charity from the heart not just the wallet. Helping the poor with education, giving them help when needed but not making them need it forever!

Kind words, respect of self and property, helping the poor with job creation and language, there is plenty to do.

Teaching our children to love and respect each other and to love HIM, do you think that would please him?

That’s what we are down here for! To be better and help each other, problems are not solved with just money…money is temporary. The government can’t solve much without our involvement either! A good life is for all of us to aspire to by doing the right Things. In America we have the right to pursue happiness…it doesn’t say anywhere it is a sure thing! It takes perseverance and strong character and trust me on this….a little Jesus goes a long way.

When they ask Jesus for food, shelter, marijuana and all the ‘things’ they think they need…I think Jesus would smile…and teach them to fish.

Daily News

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I don’t care how you get it, the daily news is essential unless we want to hide our heads in the sand.  The problem is, MANY Americans do not research before they vote, they don’t know who they are voting for or even what they are voting for.

They often let their principals fold in favor of their wallets.  Didn’t your mother tell you there is no free lunch? Social issues are all people are concerned about, stop it already.

We have taken on an attitude, someone else will do the heavy lifting.  Yelling at the T.V. in frustration just doesn’t do it.  I read local papers, the Wall St. Journal and watch CNN and Fox.  Not for hours a day, maybe 30 minutes combined tops.  The lead stories are the same unless it’s politics and then you don’t get news, you get opinions.

Opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody has one  except Adam and…

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Financial Collapse

Originally posted on Judith Slaughter:

What kind of a pickle did you get us into this time Ollie? The financial Collapse will happen again. Arm yourself with a fun read…THE ACCIDENTAL BANK HEIST..
Who gets hurt when the economy goes South? The middle class.

The cornerstone of democracy is the middle class. The wealthy get richer in bad economies. Who do you think is buying all the cheap real estate these day? It’s not the poor and it’s not so much middle.

The bigger the government…the bigger the corporations….the smaller the citizen.  This is the formula since the Romans!

The banks are making it next to impossible to get a loan and most people can’t get a down payment together. How does this help the shrinking middle class?

Real Estate is a long term investment and usually a good one. The average guy could buy a house a few years ago and if he hung…

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Politicians and politics

Our Country tis’ of thee…sweet land of Liberty! And both Democrats and Republicans better start to realize, we the people are watching and many are paying attention!
Both sides have had their crooks and their scandals but I think it is important to look deeply at what they were. The News media has become our biggest problem, for the most part they have become bloated and lazy just like the people they follow.

I am ready for INFORMED and proven YOUTH. Hey, its’ going to be your country, better start reading something from both sides and stop drinking the cool aid. President John F Kennedy was my favourite Democrat, he would be considered a Republican today! The Republican party has become the old democrat party and the Democrats have become watered down socialists!

Do we teach critical thinking in this country? I don’t see any signs of it. THE MISINFORMED YOUTH OF THIS COUNTRY HAS NO IDEA WHAT LIVING IN “BERNIES’ WORLD would be like. They wouldn’t like it, for now they have Daddy and Mommy paying their way…..Just wait until they have to do it.

I believe every professor in this country should work in the private sector before they are allowed to teach our children. They are just students themselves, no practical knowledge, no critical thinking and they are destroying our youth through the education system. This is how Communism/Socialism will take over this country and they won’t fire a shot. The Great Bear Russia gave us the warning, we don’t pay attention!

The American people are good, best in the world and we must remember who we are. This is no time for an identity crisis. I admit, I quite often judge a book by it’s cover, I give everybody a quick read, but if a person doesn’t demonstrate they care about themselves, what are they going to do for others? Body language reveals plenty.

I know there is no human being who is always right, but how can so many be always wrong?
Read and educate yourself from both sides of the aisle and stop worrying about what the government is going to do for you…and do what Kennedy so eloquently said…worry about what you can do for your country!