How would you react if you were a customer in the bank waiting for a teller and two masked men charged into the lobby?  One shoots a bullet into the ceiling and barks out “This is a holdup, everybody on the floor, now.”

Well, if you are like the fifteen people that were in the bank at the time, you would do one of three things.  Wet your pants, cry, or call your mother on your cell phone.  The smart thing to do would be call 911 instead of your mother, but, if we could clearly think in such an instance, we would do NOTHING.

The bank is more concerned about your safety than the money, they want to  give them the money and get them out as quickly as possible.  Let the insurance company worry about it.

But, now there is a game changer, they want YOUR watch and YOUR cash.  We all have an instinct for survival but we also like our stuff.  NO STUFF IS WORTH YOUR LIFE.  You are in a situation where your actions can cause others to be hurt, not just yourself.

The robber is on an adrenaline high and who knows what else, none of us are safe.  If the police come guns a blazing, somebody is going to get HURT or maybe even killed. If they take a hostage to get out of the bank, you better hope it’s not you.  Keep your head down and your mouth shut because there is no common sense in this scenario.

In this case, the police did arrive on the scene and as soon as they saw the black and white, they grabbed me and off we went.  I was tossed into the trunk of the getaway car. My advice to all of you is learn how to get out of a car trunk because you never know when you might be in one. It’s not as far-fetched as you think.


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