Glamour has always been in style, but things change and People’s ideas of what glamour is changes.  Most of us agree on what we think is beautiful.  We try to enhance our beauty to lure the man of our dreams.  All men have different dreams so it’s just a matter of finding the man who is dreaming about you.

Some men like their women curvy and don’t mind if they alter their looks with hair color and makeup…even surgery.  Some want the ‘natural’ woman, that’s great too, but the cosmetic manufacturers are pushing for the girl who wants to change herself and be as glamorous as she can be.

The woman a man wants will tell you pretty much all you need to know about him.

I went into a Candle Shop on the weekend and a beautiful girl with pale green eyes and flawless skin waited on me.  She had long, thick red hair, to my eye the girl was gorgeous.  She had a warm engaging smile and a soft sensuous voice..

I thought her to be sweet but I couldn’t take my eyes off all her tattoos.  They were art deco designs in beautiful greens and blues, I found myself staring at her and I didn’t mean to.  She smiled and kept talking away as she wrapped my purchase.

I couldn’t help but wonder what would possess such a pretty girl to make such painful,permanent decisions on her body but then I started thinking about beauty and my mother telling me, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

When I was a teenager busy coloring my hair (flame red to look like Susan Hayward and Jet Black to look like Liz Taylor) my mom would say, “I don’t like you playing with your hair but promise me you will never make your mistakes permanent. God gave you the color that suits you, you’ll see.”

She was right, but times have changed so much, I never thought about it but I suppose tattoos are a form of expression, like jewelry or makeup. (A little harder to change).  She was such a lovely girl, I hope they bring her what she wants.



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