California Girl

I always wanted to be a California girl.  I got sidetracked by love, but I managed to right myself and move permanently to California, my dream State.  Almost anybody who listened to the Beach Boys dreamed of being a California girl.

People envisioned the curvy blonde bombshell with the Sandra Dee looks and the Pink Thunderbird.  It seemed the West Coast was the place to be with all that sunshine and fun.  Hollywood glamour was everywhere, movies stars were emulated and their lifestyles envied.

When I was a kid growing up in Canada, I was in love with ELVIS.  My mother constantly knocked him, it didn’t matter…I loved him.  Once, I tried to call him.  The operator was so nice, she said “Oh, Honey, he doesn’t take personal calls, if you want to see him you will have to go to his shows or his movies.”

I begged my Dad to take me to see ‘Love Me Tender’ when I was thirteen.  I bought movie magazines and photo books of him with my allowance and then one day one of my friends told me I worshipped idols and I was going to go to Hell.  I didn’t think I worshipped him, I just wanted to marry him!

My friends thought I was ridiculous, they said he was an uneducated hillbilly (so judgmental) and after a while of being told how stupid I was, I gave up on Elvis.  He was never going to love me anyway.

But, ha, I got to see him in Las Vegas when I was twenty four and I  couldn’t swoon over him anymore because now I was a married woman with a child, but I will never forget a word of any of his songs and even though his movies were not very good, I will always like him more than I should admit.


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