Weapon of Choice

Jeanette has one and you should too.  Why?  Because,  It’s the perfect girlie weapon.   Small enough for a cocktail purse, sharp enough to save your life…not illegal!  If Jeanette hadn’t had one in The Accidental Bank Heist (How to Rob a Bank Without Really Trying) she would be $1,000.000.00 poorer and very dead.

I always carry mine wherever I go.  Who knows what perils could come upon a small, defenseless woman.  Some people feel they need a gun.  So, what do you do if you are in a life or death situation?  Where is the gun?  The bullets?

You can’t leave a loaded gun lying around, guns are heavy, they don’t fit in small purses and you need a permit to carry.  Not to mention, you must keep it out of reach of small children and unbalanced people (there seems to be no shortage of those these days).

Your attacker won’t even think you have a weapon if you carry my weapon of choice.  My PINK ARMY KNIFE.  Easy to handle, lightweight in your purse, hide it in your hand and…the element of surprise, the best weapon of all.

I suppose one would say, it would be too bloody to kill someone with a small knife.   True, but I’d rather see my attackers blood than my own.

With a deep jab in the neck, he is rendered helpless, you can run or call 911.  I would just run.  We women have tried to make men believe we can catch bullets in our teeth and some of us can.

Would I be scared, you bet, but could I save my own life?  Life is pretty valuable to me and I want to leave this earth when the Good Lord wants me, not some crazy fool with a death wish.  Be prepared, be brave, be safe…and carry your Swiss Army Knife, they come in lots of colors, I like PINK!


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