When I was seven, my mother encouraged me to be a Brownie.  I didn’t want to because I was always happy being by myself, I loved to read and tell stories to my siblings and I was not a joiner.  I had my own world and I liked it that way.

We were a family that had lots of relatives and company, I had cousins galore and they were enough for me.  I loved my mother’s sisters and I enjoyed adult conversation.  My homework and piano lessons took up most of my time and I didn’t want to join anything!

I joined and had my cute little brownie outfit.  My friend and tormentor Suzanne joined with me.  When our leader chose the groups, Suzanne got be a fairy and I was a Leprechaun.  I pleaded with our leader to let me be a Fairy but she said Suzanne and I were already friends and I had to make new friends.  I’m sure my mother had something to do with this.

Suzanne was the kid who could swing from trees, climb all the way to the top, run to school and never be late, the girl was fearless.  She was my tormentor.  She would tease me ruthlessly, call me a baby and dare me to prove myself constantly.  She had boy friends before I could even think about boys.

I finally got my chops and decided to ignore her.  A new girl moved in the neighborhood and I liked her.  Childhood is such a challenge!  Joyce was like me, she liked indoor things, pretty clothes, movie magazines, board games T.V. and music.

Suzanne was a tomboy.  We were girly, girls.  It’s funny how life is.  I moved to California and haven’t seen my childhood friends in years, but we keep in touch and when we do it is like yesterday all over again.

We chose different paths but we are still kids at heart and Oh those wonderful days of childhood! When I moved to California my Aunt told me, “Make new friends but keep the old, new are silver old are gold.”


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