Daily News

I don’t care how you get it, the daily news is essential unless we want to hide our heads in the sand.  The problem is, MANY Americans do not research before they vote, they don’t know who they are voting for or even what they are voting for.

They often let their principals fold in favor of their wallets.  Didn’t your mother tell you there is no free lunch? Social issues are all people are concerned about, stop it already.

We have taken on an attitude, someone else will do the heavy lifting.  Yelling at the T.V. in frustration just doesn’t do it.  I read local papers, the Wall St. Journal and watch CNN and Fox.  Not for hours a day, maybe 30 minutes combined tops.  The lead stories are the same unless it’s politics and then you don’t get news, you get opinions.

Opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody has one  except Adam and Eve (think about it).  I ask myself, how qualified is this person to be talking about this?  I listen and sometimes I am dead wrong, that’s when I pay attention.  I want to learn but when people get heated up and start the name calling, I turn it off.

It took me a long time to separate the Christians from the Lions on Network and Cable television, but the sincere people start to shine through.  We have many…. not enough.

This Country was not built by belly aching excuse makers with ideological theories, it was built by hard work, ingenuity, honesty, integrity and strong moral family values. The government is the problem not the solution!  At times we need a helping hand, not a handout and it must be temporary not a ways of life!

All I want them to do is what they were intended for.  George Washington would flip and so would John F Kennedy if he saw what was going on right now.  Take care of our infrastructure, protect our borders, teach our children facts not theories and get this country strong and vibrant and the beacon of hope it used to be.

I read recently that Canada has a better standard of life than the United States.  Why?  Because they have us as a shining example of what not to do.  I lived there, please don’t tell me about their medicine.  Rich Canadians come to the U.S for their healthcare, the Prime Minister of Canada recently had a heart surgery in Florida.

Research, don’t believe all you hear.  I am lucky, I have lived in many places and I am just a little skeptical, I like to respectfully ask real questions and the answer is NOT blah..blah…..I am really angry and we’re going to get to the bottom of this!

Stop talking. Our government could be run more effectively with half the people. BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG CORPORATIONS make SMALL CITIZENS…the formula since the ROMANS!  We need strong management and accountability. They work for us…. at least that’s the way it was intended.  When the government employees have the highest wages in the country, when Washington D.C. has the most millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the U.S.A.  it’s time to say, enough already!

When I was a kid at Bolsa Grande High School in Southern California, I had a wonderful civics teacher who told us…..When dictatorship is eminent, revolution is your duty.  We need a revolution of new thinking!  I’m hearing some pretty awesome ideas!  It’s time to let the young, bright and enthusiastic people take the reins, hey it’s their country now!


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