First Kiss

How old were you when you got your first kiss from a boy you liked?  Was it dreamy, sweet or just plain awkward.   My first kiss was a staged affair, a double dare.  Four girls and one boy, such a plan.

All the fifth grade girls were in love with David Woods.  I can’t remember why because when I look at our fifth grade picture he was a short, chubby little guy with a blonde brush cut and stick out ears.  But I do remember he was a charmer, at least we all thought he was.

We played spin the bottle and all I could think about was germs.  I guess my first kiss was not a good experience, but it didn’t stop me from having a crush on “an older man” , he was in seventh grade and the Robert Redford of our school.  His name was Butch.

I didn’t know why people thought he was so bad, he was athletic and quiet and he was always standing in the hall being punished. He was tall and had bright blue eyes, he didn’t smile, he smirked but he had straight white teeth and in my ten year old mind he would have been a dreamy kisser.

I think Butch was antisocial, he was deep and moody and different. I used to see him on his bike delivering the evening paper and my heart would race.  Then one time he rode over to me and said “Do you like me?” I said I did and he said “Stop it, I don’t like you.”

I was hurt and my love turned to hate in an instant.  He was a brute.   We learn our lessons in all kinds of ways,  but I still remember him vividly because he was my first crush.


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