Today I had lunch with Mother Angelica. I am a little girl again when I watch her and I loved being a kid! You don’t have to be a Roman Catholic to understand her wisdom.

Yes, she does live in a different world than most of us, but isn’t it nice to escape our Mad world for a few minutes a day? She was talking about Family. Many people today don’t have families or they are at odds with the ones they do have.

She doesn’t get caught up in all that JUNK, she say’s we are one big family of Americans and we can and should all help each other, (Put your wallet away) she means Spiritually.

More people than should be are trying to make ends meet and it’s frustrating and depressing. My Mother always told us “Our wants were many and our needs were few” I think about that, it is true today more than ever.

Americans have lost not just income in the last few years, they have lost something much more important. The love of each other. It’s so easy to say thank you, be polite, open a door for another, compliment a person on something, don’t just think they look nice, they can’t read your thoughts.

Maybe because I am lucky enough to be retired, I truly can take the time to say hello, to smile and to be polite. It ALWAYS works. A smile is a darn hard thing to give away and it makes you feel good too. I like that part. Help young people, they aren’t getting the guidance you did. They are ten times smarter than us with all their technology, but they lack the loving, caring touches and only the ones who learn them will succeed and enjoy life.

Last week I was in Macy’s and I had to have help to the car with my packages (I am recovering from a broken leg and ankle). The very nice young man who helped me said “No Problem” when I thanked him. I smiled at him and said, “I am going to give you some advise that will help you forever. I didn’t think there was a problem and that statement is all negative.

Try “My pleasure” easy, and it has so much more impact. He smiled at me and said, “Hey Thanks, I’ll try it.” He had everything else going for him, I hope he does. I love kids and we all need to pay more attention to them and the “details” of life. Somebody did it for you. The nuns did it for me and I had marvelous parents, my little Mother Angelica on EWTN still does it for me!


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