You can’t buy it, you can’t wish for it, you can’t inherit it but you can have it. It’s all in your mind!

I refuse to be unhappy, I know life can change on a dime and things can happen out of our control but, I am talking about the things we can control. Television is a great companion but watch what you watch! Garbage in …you know.

If a program makes me think, smile and learn, I feel like I hit the jackpot. I love drama so Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Wife are two of my favorite programs. In the evening when I relax, I don’t watch the News. I get my dose in the mornings and give myself time to burn it off. Sometimes I think they make most of it up to fill the airwaves and make us crazy!

Treat yourself better, most people give more to their work than they do to themselves. I was never one of them. I may be selfish, but I like my own time, thoughts and privileges and I am the captain of my own ship trying everyday to change the things I can and accept the things I can’t fix with a wink and a smile.

Tomorrow is promised to no one so make the best of today. I wish you happiness and most of all contentment. It’s O.K. to be content, don’t let them fool you….life is great but only you can make it that way. Be good to yourself!


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