Peeping Tom

Today, kids don’t know what that is! I told my grandchildren about one I knew about and they said, “Oh Grandma Judi Mae, someone would catch him or hit him with a baseball bat”. Maybe so, but when I was a little girl, one lived in our neighborhood.

On Thursday nights we went to choir practice at St. Mary’s like the little angels we were and on the way home we rang doorbells. We looked forward to this activity and got braver as time went on.

I was the most creative. Whenever there was trouble, my mother would say, “I believe you didn’t do anything, do you know why? Because I know you make the balls and the rest of them fire them!” She was right. I didn’t like to just ring the bell, I liked to look in the house and see what was going on.

We knew all our neighbors, most of them went to our Church and we went to school with their kids. We lived in the “country” on a golf course, the houses were at least a half acre apart and everybody had fruit trees and in Summer we would help ourselves. We had plenty of fruit in our own yard, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, grapes, raspberries, but we liked to eat the forbidden fruit from other peoples yards. Why? Because it tastes better. I stopped when my mother asked me “How many worms do you think you have eaten in the dark?” Yikes, I never thought about that.

In Canada in Winter it is getting dark by four in the afternoon, so by 7:30 if there was no moon it was pretty dark. We were not bad kids but we were kids and one kid can out shine the other with devilish possibilities.

One night we were peeking in our favorite window, everybody had picture windows in those days in their living rooms and you could see plenty. Mr. and Mrs. Clark were snuggling on the couch and my friend Suzanne was the dare devil who got right up behind the spreading junipers to get a good look.

All of a sudden a man jumped out of the bushes. He was crouched down looking in the window, he popped up, kicked Fritzie our dog and ran away. First we were stunned and then we were really scared. Fritzie was howling and his nose was bleeding and I knew we had to get him home.

He was a bull terrier and he was heavy, it took three of us to carry him as he whined all the way. I couldn’t tell my mom what happened, she would have grounded me for a month so I said I didn’t know, he was waiting for us outside the Church like he always did and he was bleeding. That was the end of our Thursday night adventures.

Mom said anyone who would kick a little dog in the mouth was capable of anything so Daddy walked us to choir practice after that. I knew he was out there that Peeping Tom, we just didn’t realize we were doing the same thing!


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