snotty little observatons

We all have them. I ask God to put one hand over my heart and the other over my mouth when I know I am going to have one out loud! Sometimes the temptation is just to great!

Like when they say it was a near miss. What is that? Isn’t it a near hit? Or when you watch the news and they give you half the story. Sound bites they call them. It seems almost every time they interview the neighbors of a criminal, they have something nice to say about him. He cut his lawn. I never heard him beating up his wife. She never said anything to me.

I didn’t notice he tied up his dog and never fed him. Did you hear the dog cry at night? Why don’t they ask him that? Never a good question, the news people speculate on what happened, they never ask the questions we in the cheaper seats would like to hear. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did?

When you saw his wife with black eyes and broken limbs, did you ever think of calling the police? When you know the guy has a house full of guns and drinks like a fish, do you think something bad could happen? We don’t want to make trouble but we get more of it in spades by sticking our heads in the sand.

Our society should be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE. That’s what’s wrong with our government. You don’t need a Chrystal Ball to see the signs. Neighborhood Watch is a good thing. Go to a meeting, know who your neighbors are and be a little nosey! It may save someone’s life.


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