My father was a veteran of WW2. He came home in one piece and it was a miracle because he flew many missions over German in a rickety little plane!

My dad was an adorable little Italian guy like Leo DiCaprio, so when the Air force found out he was an amateur photographer, they found the perfect job for him..shoving him into the nose of the plane with his camera equipment.

He thought he would get a desk job because he had graduated from College, no such luck! He had one of the most dangerous jobs of all!

He was a wonderful guy. Mom said he came back from England with two English pennies in his pocket, he took off his uniform and never wore it again! He only told me of the beautiful English Countryside and the many kind people who invited the service men to their homes. He took pictures of Queen Elizabeth (she was a princess then) visiting the devastated rubble of London.

He never went anywhere without his camera so I have many interesting pictures. He died when I was eighteen, but I worshipped him and can see his smile and twinkling eyes right now. We are so Blessed in this country and it is because God loves us and these guys protected us. We must remember to be thankful and make sure our children understand, life is a gift but a responsibility too. To those who have much…much is required. Happy Memorial Day.


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