Respect is taught, old fashioned as many people today think it is, it is one of the strong differences between us and the animals. I try to get my grandchildren to watch old movies (black and whites) I tell them we will parse them when we are through and they can tell me their thoughts.

I love Cary Grant so at Christmas I had them watch The Bishop’s Wife. Once they got into it, they were as quiet as little mice (ages 10 & 12). When it finished we talked. Brian said “Grandma Judi Mae, were people always that polite?) Brandon asked, “Did they always get dressed up for dinner and eat in the dining room?” I enjoyed this.

The only time we eat in the dining room is at Holidays, other wise everybody scatters to the T.V. with plates in their laps. We talked to each other. We ENJOYED each other’s company.

Times have changed but some of these things can still be done. Family night with everybody’s favorite show is fun. There is a lot on T.V. for everybody today, Documentaries, some good serials, do your homework!

When our children are young, we must make connections and family holidays and birthdays are a great way. My grandchildren are lucky, they have “old fashioned parents” who love family and get everybody together often. My mom taught me if you dress right you will feel right and I don’t think that will ever change.

Respect, part of it is how you present yourself. Little things. Try not to become so casual you appear not to care about yourself, because if you don’t do what’s right for yourself…what are you going to do for others? And by the way, POLITE is easier than being rude.


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