Gift of Fear

GOD gave you a gift of Fear. Instinct. When something doesn’t feel right, use it. Political correctness does not include overriding your inner feelings, they are there to maybe save your life.

In my book, Jeanette is followed by a known criminal and she is prepared. She tries wit, she tries reason but her life is in danger and neither are working. What’s next? You are small, he is strong and violent be nature.

She can’t outrun him, no one will come to her aid, right now in her mind her only option is to disable him, but he knows where she lives and he will come back. Her life will be Hell never knowing what will happen next. She can’t make a bargain with him.

Bargaining with the devil is fool hearty. She is down to her last chance…she has to kill him. Can she? Tell me Jeanette, how does a Lady kill a person? Read the Accidental Bank Heist and find out….she kills him Like only a lady can!


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