Lady in charge

Be a lady, expect a man to open a door for you and thank him when he does. If he needs help, help him. I don’t want to be a man’s equal, I want to be on a pedestal, emulated and admired so that’s what I do with my character, Jeanette. This gal enjoys herself.

She is a multifaceted, complicated, competitive female but she always APPEARS to be a lady. What is a lady? A woman who can get away with murder if she plays her cards right.

Men are overwhelmed with ladies, they are afraid of powerful women and with good reason. Sometimes they play dirty. I worked in a world of corporate lawyers, executive bankers and clients from all walks of life and I made being a lady work for me. Dress for success, I wore fitted suits but I always had leopard shoes!

Things change, yes they do but people don’t change that much. They still have their fears and emotions and are trying to get through life as always. Don’t be an obstacle, be a delight, you have nothing to prove:the women before you already did it.

Enjoy being a female and play fairly with what you have. Make men better, you have the power to do it. Expect more from them. Let down your defenses and enjoy yourself. Remember one very important thing, women have changed drastically, men have not. They are all little boys grown tall and they want to win. Let them think they have and live life to the fullest. I guarantee you will smile all the time and no one will be able to figure out why!


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