I really don’t consider myself a writer, I am a storyteller. When I was a child I told my siblings stories, I made up a serial about Teddy and Bunny and their adventures in the world. Yes, the world…Paris, London, St. Petersburg and even Berlin. I lived in the Books of Knowledge and when I see what children have available to them today, I am simply amazed.

I loved facts, but I liked fiction too (I never saw them as that different). I like to tell stories about strong women because I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by them all my life. My grandmother who lived with us told me, “the man is the head and the woman is the neck, and the man can’t do much without his neck can he?”

She had ten kids and they all went to school, the boys all graduated college and the girls married well. That was how it was done then, it’s better now, but it wasn’t all bad. My father was wonderful and fun, my mother was the disciplinarian. I was taught to put family first, the Ten Commandments were rules to live by for a better life and respecting elders was important. Not always agreeing with them, but always respecting them.

I was inquisitive, I wanted to know why things were done in certain ways and I still do. My women in my books are all disciplined, conflicted and caring. They get into trouble and try to get out with the least amount of damage. I like to teach, so I let my characters do it.

Banking can be dull but it is an essential part of our lives so a little inside information is beneficial, I had plenty of inside information and it wasn’t always pretty. I know a lot about bank robberies, I’ve been to lunch with a bank robber (didn’t know it at the time) sometimes my character is me so it’s easy for me to write and I love doing it. Ever been locked in the trunk of a car? Do you know how to get out? I did, lucky for me. I love life and I want my readers to enjoy it with me.


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