Financial Collapse

What kind of a pickle did you get us into this time Ollie? The financial Collapse will happen again. Arm yourself with a fun read…THE ACCIDENTAL BANK HEIST..
Who gets hurt when the economy goes South? The middle class.

The cornerstone of democracy is the middle class. The wealthy get richer in bad economies. Who do you think is buying all the cheap real estate these day? It’s not the poor and it’s not so much middle.

The bigger the government…the bigger the corporations….the smaller the citizen.  This is the formula since the Romans!

The banks are making it next to impossible to get a loan and most people can’t get a down payment together. How does this help the shrinking middle class?

Real Estate is a long term investment and usually a good one. The average guy could buy a house a few years ago and if he hung onto it and didn’t leverage it, he was o.k.. Sort of. Who knew the values would go so low he couldn’t sell it? He can hope he never has to move but life isn’t like that.

We are certainly not the only country in the world with financial problems but we set the standard for the rest of the world. We may not feel like it but we are still The World’s Superpower!  We are being tarnished and are not so good right now. We have enough energy to last the next two hundred years. Technology with not only employ, it will solve many of our current problems.

So, why do we sit on our hands? Why do we give billions of dollars to our enemies? Why do our allies no longer trust us? America is the greatest country in the world but if we continue to let a few crazy people scare us so they can make more money, then we deserve what we get.

Democrats and Republicans are both guilty, the good old boy network and the status quo, do they really want things to change or do they just want to get re elected? I see some pretty shameful women in Washington too.

The shame of not taking care of our veterans should prove to us, big government can’t do it. Talk is cheap and there is plenty of it. I am an American by choice, I immigrated to this country and I love it, but I see it going the way of where I came from.  It didn’t work there and it won’t work here!

Competition made us outstanding and a beacon for the world. Let’s do what they told us in kindergarten, hold hands when we cross the street, care about each other, let private industry lead the way…they made us, not the government. I shake my head when I see the signs on the freeway that brag on the government building roads for us. The heck they are, they are built with taxpayer money.

When are people going to realize, the government doesn’t make money, they take ours! Demand they do what they were designed to do, protect our shores and infrastructure. Get out of the way so we can create opportunity for all to work and contribute, share our toys and put America first!

Read all about it in The Accidental Bank Heist, and put a smile on your face while you read. Jeanette couldn’t change them, she didn’t want to join them, so she beat them at their own game!  But, don’t try it, it’s fun but fantasy!


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