Lady Mechanics

This morning I watched four ladies laughing about a place in L.A. that teaches women to be mechanics. They thought this was impossible. WRONG! Who built the planes and war equipment in the Long Beach factories during WW2? Women like us. Believe me when I tell you, Women are like teabags. They quite often reach their potential in hot water!

Can you change a tire? You don’t worry about it because you can call auto club and they will rush to your rescue. What if you are where you are not supposed to be? What if you don’t have a signal on your cell phone? What if you have something in the car you are not supposed to have?

Better learn how to change a tire! Now is not the time to worry about your manicure.

You can do one of three things.
Scream and Cry your eyes out. Hope someone comes along and helps you. Change the damn tire.

Jeanette in the ACCIDENTAL BANK HEIST sneaks home from her dangerous liaisons on dark back roads with little night traffic. She is not where she is supposed to be. She has quite a bit to lose like a rich husband and gorgeous home. Limp home on the rim or change the tire? The only policeman she wants to see is her present lover and he is in her bed at her beach house drunk and sawing logs.

Want something done Jeanette? Do it yourself.


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