Angels Amongst Us

Would you be afraid to meet an angel? If you were walking along minding your own business and an angel walked up to you and said “Hello, my name is Angel #68 trillion, and I’d like a little chat. Would you be up for it? Would your heart flutter and bang, would you think you were dying? Could you look her in the eye? Would your first thought be to run away as fast as you can or would you think you were dreaming, your mind was playing tricks on you or that you finally cracked from too much stress.

Settle down, it could be all those things but wouldn’t it be awesome. You could ask questions like, What is Heaven like? Do you know my family? How are they doing? They are up there aren’t they? Once you got over the fear you could really enjoy yourself.

What’s it like to be an angel? Do you really just fly around heaven all day or do you have a job? Do you always have to wear the same outfit or can you change it up? I’d want fluffy pink wings and a pink outfit with a little glitz. Does GOD check with you now and then? Is Jesus as nice as they say, is HE handsome? All the movies depict him as a soft spoken, gorgeous man with long hair and a perfectly groomed beard. Does he look like that? Once you got going you could ask almost anything. Does HE know who I am? Does HE like me? Am I doing what I’m supposed to do? Do I disappoint HIM sometimes?

You won’t believe me but we meet angels everyday. We rush by them in a hurry to get to work or wherever. They talk to us too, we don’t always listen, but we should. Sometimes your kids are angels with wisdom beyond belief, sometimes your parents are angels, guardian angels because it’s their job. Sometimes it’s your spouse, actually a lot of the time it’s your spouse. And sometimes it’s a perfect stranger who knows you are in crisis and smiles at you or says something nice like, you sure are pretty or I love your outfit.

Suddenly, you know everything is going to work out.

I knew two Angels intimately and I wrote a book about them. ANGELS OF WARWICK,.  Read my book and get to know them.  They are wise and enchanting and they may teach you how to recognize Angels, it will change you and you will like it.


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