Guardian Angels

They are for real, honest. There are several books in the Bible that refer to Angels amongst us, we must be open to it and be aware of their presence.

Ever been alone in the house and heard someone call your name? Yes you have. Or felt a breeze on your cheek when the doors and windows are closed?

OR, perhaps you have a magnificent thought or think of someone you haven’t heard from in years and suddenly they call! And you say…I was thinking of you and you were!

It’s your angel at work.

Every morning when I wake up I say good morning to my angel and ask her to guide me through the day. I have done this for years. Want your kids to come closer to spirituality? Teach them about their angel and when you come into a room, welcome their angel and then them. They’ll get it, kids love it.

We all need to know someone is watching over us besides just mortals. We can ask our angel to speak to God for us, we can talk to God ourselves but sometimes (depending on what you’re asking for) it’s nice to have an alie! Get to know your angel, call her by name, it will come to you. Or, perhaps your angel is a man, it’s possible, give him a name you like, make it real.

I promise your life will change. When you’re driving, talk to your angel. You will feel the anxiety of traffic melt away. This takes practice, but practice is perfect. We never know when our angel is going to tell us there is a job in Heaven for us and we will be leaving, so treat every person you know like it is their last day and yours as well. Your angel will help you, just ask. If you are a religious person you probably already know your angel but if you are not, try it…I think you’ll like it.

Judith Slaughter: Watch for Angels of Warwick, coming soon.


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