Faith and the abundant life

Isn’t it interesting how differently people respond to the same set of circumstances?
Poverty brings determination to some and hopelessness t others.
A financial set back becomes a challenge to some and a crippling set-back to others.
Education provides a stable life for some and promotes riots and rebellion in others.
Freedom drives some to vigilance and others to violence.
Faith in God to some is an eternal source of strength, to others it is a myth or a nice story only used when needed. The truth is we become what we are thinking about all day. Our thoughts and attitudes influence our lives. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. In all my books I try to get a little moral wisdom in just for the record! We all need it, maybe I need it even more than you! My characters are very human so they make mistakes, but they are redeemable like us all. I have come to realize this magnificent life of ours will soon be past, but what is done for God truly will last. Peace be with you.


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