Plastic Bags

Here we go again. No plastic bags in California. We have so many problems in this State I don’t have enough time to tell you, but this is the kind of thing they dwell on. I love plastic bags. They are easy to carry, I re use them and they will not fill up the landfills like Paper will (ask any scientist, not environmentalist) , especially these thick brown paper bags and what about diapers?

What  they really want to do is stop people from littering. Of course, they can’t say that right out…it may offend some slob who is doing it. Listen, I don’t litter and most of our children don’t litter because they have been taught not to. Yes, the freeways are disgusting with plastic bags, paper cups, cigarette butts ( although in California that is stupid beyond compare), cans, bottles you name it. I HAVE A SOLUTION.

There is a LITTER FINE almost everywhere. Once a week the police department volunteers will go out for a full day and fine people who litter. They can record the action and the licence number. The revenue would be huge and it won’t cost us anything except gasoline (which is sort of like gold these days). I guarantee you, one month of fines and these idiots who carelessly toss things out of their cars will be cured.

Can’t pay the fine? You will be sentenced to one eight hour day of trash pickup on the freeways. You will wear hot pink jumpsuits so everyone can see you and laugh at you. We should have pillories, youngsters don’t know what they are unless they take History…Look it up! Why does everyone have to suffer because a few break the law? I am tired of being told what I can and cannot do but, I will defend the litter law.
BUT HOLD EVERYTHING! Plastic is bad. So what do they do? They pass a law in California that you must take your own bags to the market. If you forget your bag or don’t have one you can buy one for 10 cents. This money goes directly to the California coffers not the store and guess what? The bag you buy is BAD plastic. Now how can that be? Plastic is good if we can SELL it to you! A way of raising taxes on us!
My grandchildren do beach clean up every summer and it teaches a great lesson. I asked Brian (we call him little Mr. Last Word)
“Hey Brian darling, what does picking up litter on the beach teach you?
“Grandma, some people are just better than others.”
He is so right! Cleanliness’ is next to Godliness, remember that one? Give us back our plastic bags, they are germ free, convenient and cost efficient and if they are bad, why do you sell them to us?


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