Spanking…tough love!

Spanking has been with us forever. It is not near as severe as it once was because we have become a kinder more genteel nation. I admit I spanked my child, and at the time he needed it. I can count the times I did it because he was a quick learner and he didn’t like it. I carried a wooden spoon in my purse and all I did was show it to him and he was fine.

He would say “Be nice mommy and I would say, this is about YOU being nice.”
I told my grandkids I spanked their dad with a wooden spoon and they loved it. They would say “Spank him Grandma, spank him now!” Well, we have to wait until he deserves it and he grew out of being naughty!

Standing in the corner was my least favourite punishment and I would have taken a spanking over that any day. With some people this could get out of control so just don’t do it. Putting marks on a kid is wrong. I sympathise with parents today, they have to think hard for a fair, honourable punishment that really works.

Raising kids is not a job for the faint of heart, talking and reasoning then taking away a video game or favourite toy is likely the way to go. I am glad people are talking about this, it is an opportunity to turn on the News and let your kids see what goes on in THEIR world and how lucky they are. Yes, they should watch the news and know they are Blessed. How can so many college students today not even know who the Vice President is? Who ISIS is, What is happening in the Middle East?

Maybe they should be spanked!


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