Into the White House uninvited

The security at the White House is not good. Does this scare you? It should. It is just another example of how big agencies lose tract of purpose.

If I was President Obama, heads would be rolling on this (not literally) when is he going to fire somebody? All these breaches of our security are happening under his watch. Who knows what the guy could have done? What if he had a dirty bomb?

I would be furious with the secret service and would certainly not let them tell the public what a hard job they have. Almost all working Americans have hard jobs and are expected to do them, with consequences if they don’t. One of his children could have been killed not to mention him.

We expect more from our officials. No damn wonder they can’t guard our borders. Too many fingers in the pie, that’s an old saying but boy does it apply. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing….isn’t that exactly what happened in 911? One agency not talking to another agency or whatever excuse they gave at the time. Two many Chiefs and not enough Indians (oops can’t say that either) although I am sure the Indians would understand and concur.

Over 3000 people died and it could have been prevented. So what have they learned? To make the government bigger and less efficient? Anyone who has worked in a big corporation knows exactly how these things happen, but when people are held accountable trust me, things change!

The president would be better off with the security we have in our Homeowner’s association. No body is coming in here I can tell you.


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