ISIL are afraid of Women!

The Roosevelt’s were a remarkable family. The recent series really showed how lucky we were to have them. Talk about dedication to country! Eleanor
was a magnificent woman. These people were rich, they didn’t have to take on the world and all its peccadillos, they could have enjoyed their yacht and parties galore, but they SERVED HUMANITY, they chose to. Many say they started us on a path of freebees, but they didn’t mean for it to get out of control like it is now. People were different then. They were religious, they loved their children and looked after them, they taught them about their wonderful country and concentrated on FACTS not Theories. Children listened to the fireside chats, they loved the President, they knew who he was! AMERICA WAS A FAMILY!

Eleanor was not just a “do Gooder” as they labelled her. She had an enduring thought process almost like a clairvoyant. She wanted the world to be at peace, My God this woman gave two of her children to the second world war! The League of Nations was her baby (United Nations) today, she dreamed of a world where no country would invade another and the right of liberty was for all God’s creatures. Not Nation Building, building better human beings! Ask yourself, what do they do now? I can tell you they cost the taxpayer of this great nation a great deal of money.

They were formed for this purpose, Whether you like Bill O’Reilly or not, the man is right. We need armies of Mercenaries from every free nation to kill off this idealism army, ISIL. We can’t wait until they start killing us here en mass. Don’t let the media romance you into thinking about Lone Wolf actions, they are connected to the leaders, they listen to the propaganda and to prove themselves they need to kill someone, anyone, maybe you or even worse ME!

There is a funny flaw in Muslim Terrorists belief about going to heaven and getting virgins (why they want virgins is beyond me). They can’t go if they are killed by a WOMAN! They are terrified of woman soldiers and pilots. Did you see that gorgeous American Emerites woman pilot? I loved it. I see a way to benefit from this, I wonder if our government in all their political correctness is smart enough to use it! Terrorists don’t get to heaven if a woman kills them, that is our secret weapon! Alright ladies, climb into those FIGHTER PLANES AND BOMBERS and BLAST THE Hell out of them! TELL THEM THE WOMAN ARE COMING!

Thousands of terrorists are recruited in prisons. We can’t sit by and let this happen. What kind of a person could crucify a little child? Only monsters, deviates, wild dogs who need to be put out of their misery. Because it must be misery to be them.

Winston Churchill, another man who was a beacon of light and hope for the world said “America’s freedoms will kill them.” He was speaking of the fact, a person must do something before we can punish him. Even though we know something bad is going to happen, we wait and watch, not even watch closely! It will be interesting to see what the British do with these murderers who are plotting to kill them. FBI and CIA know who they are and we need to empower them to take care of them, permanently. They are enemies of the WORLD. If anyone leaves here to join up with them…they can never come back, ever. If they do they get locked up or shot! I prefer shot.

I have been listening to a very prominent intelligent Muslim named Zuddi Jasser and he says this is Islam in it’s worst state. They are Muslims with a radical belief. It would be as if we would cut out the tongue of every child who talked back to his parents! The Bible has passages like that. You see, Christianity was reformed, REFORMATION of the Roman Catholic Church in the fourteenth century. Reformation must happen to Islam. I don’t think American’s will put up with the “pretend it’s not happening” for very long,


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