ROCKERS, you, me and your kids!

This morning I watched “Outnumbered’ and the guest was one of my favourite people, Gene Simmons. Yes he is a rocker, but what a smart one. When my son Jeff was ten, I took him and a few of his friends to see KISS perform in L.A. and I had as much fun as they did.

Jeff wanted to go so badly, he convinced me Paul Stanley was a Christian! I laughed to myself but even then I realized how brilliant they all had to be to paint their faces and hide their “identity”, they can still perform today like youngsters. And they are good.

Jeff and I used to dance around the stereo to ‘Christine 16’ and ‘Firehouse’, I was a fan of the Rolling Stones but KISS was better for the younger set.

My husband and I went to see ‘Credence Clearwater’ revisited in Rancho Mirage last weekend and memories of my little Jeffrey dancing to ‘Down on the Corner’ flooded my eyes with tears. Music is a powerful glue that can bind us together.

Gene Simmons is an Israeli, American, he is funny, engaging and very intelligent. He did a bit on how kids can succeed and also how women should make their own money, he was funny but what he said was true. He said the most important person in your life is your mother and you better know it. A psychiatrist friend of mine once told me, a child can survive a bad father, but a bad mother is most often a different story.

The prisons are filled with children who had bad parents, not all did but most. Gene said “No” is a word every parent should be familiar with. I totally agree, I believe you are not their friend, you are their guidance councillor!

I agree with Gene, but just once in a while it is really fun to be their friend and take them to see one of their favourite musicians. I took Jeff to see the Rolling Stones when he was 30 years old and he loved it. We wore black leather jackets, jeans and boots and we had a great time. It’s o.k. to be their friend once in a while….it’s good for you too, but being their parent will always be the most rewarding and beneficial role you ever play. A good conservative, strong reasoning parent who gives them boundaries, loves them unconditionally and talks to them regularly!

My book, THE ANGELS OF WARWICK, is all about family relationships…the ties that bind. Read it and meet some wonderful, quirky, marvellous people you will never forget and I hope you love them as much as I did!


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