Palm Springs Nights/ San Juan Capistrano days

My latest book just published and I will be on radio 94.3 K News (the Desert radio) with my favourite guys Bill Feingold and Kevin Holmes. Thursday Oct. 29 to talk about it. Palm Springs is a fascinating little town with a most interesting old Hollywood flair and past! It is a magical place and this book does more for Palm Springs than the Chamber of Commerce!

My character, Ramey Wright (everyone is looking for Mr Right, right?) takes you on a delightful adventure while the sun is shining…. and to a dark, underbelly when it isn’t.

I was a bank vice president here in the breathtaking Desert for five years…and I know many dirty little secrets, trust me. Nevertheless, my mission is to try to redeem the wayward adorable Ramey by almost any means I can! Do I? Maybe, maybe not, but I promise to give you something to think about.
Ramey has an innate desire to be good, but the one thing he can’t resist is temptation!
San Juan Capistrano is a far better place for him, but Palm Springs lures him to the carefree fun times he craves. Sometimes it takes a long time to grow up!

Any honest writer will tell you there is a lot of truth in fiction. One rarely has to worry about using real people, because most of us wouldn’t identify with our real characters! This makes an intriguing tale for all who want to live their lives thinking nobody notices! Most often people tend to notice what you don’t want them to…..
So, I extend to you a personal invitation to come with me and let me show you my cute little town, be sure to fasten your seat belt…. .


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