Politicians and politics

Our Country tis’ of thee…sweet land of Liberty! And both Democrats and Republicans better start to realize, we the people are watching and many are paying attention!
Both sides have had their crooks and their scandals but I think it is important to look deeply at what they were. The News media has become our biggest problem, for the most part they have become bloated and lazy just like the people they follow.

I am ready for INFORMED and proven YOUTH. Hey, its’ going to be your country, better start reading something from both sides and stop drinking the cool aid. President John F Kennedy was my favourite Democrat, he would be considered a Republican today! The Republican party has become the old democrat party and the Democrats have become watered down socialists!

Do we teach critical thinking in this country? I don’t see any signs of it. THE MISINFORMED YOUTH OF THIS COUNTRY HAS NO IDEA WHAT LIVING IN “BERNIES’ WORLD would be like. They wouldn’t like it, for now they have Daddy and Mommy paying their way…..Just wait until they have to do it.

I believe every professor in this country should work in the private sector before they are allowed to teach our children. They are just students themselves, no practical knowledge, no critical thinking and they are destroying our youth through the education system. This is how Communism/Socialism will take over this country and they won’t fire a shot. The Great Bear Russia gave us the warning, we don’t pay attention!

The American people are good, best in the world and we must remember who we are. This is no time for an identity crisis. I admit, I quite often judge a book by it’s cover, I give everybody a quick read, but if a person doesn’t demonstrate they care about themselves, what are they going to do for others? Body language reveals plenty.

I know there is no human being who is always right, but how can so many be always wrong?
Read and educate yourself from both sides of the aisle and stop worrying about what the government is going to do for you…and do what Kennedy so eloquently said…worry about what you can do for your country!


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