Financial Collapse

Judith Slaughter

What kind of a pickle did you get us into this time Ollie? The financial Collapse will happen again. Arm yourself with a fun read…THE ACCIDENTAL BANK HEIST..
Who gets hurt when the economy goes South? The middle class.

The cornerstone of democracy is the middle class. The wealthy get richer in bad economies. Who do you think is buying all the cheap real estate these day? It’s not the poor and it’s not so much middle.

The bigger the government…the bigger the corporations….the smaller the citizen.  This is the formula since the Romans!

The banks are making it next to impossible to get a loan and most people can’t get a down payment together. How does this help the shrinking middle class?

Real Estate is a long term investment and usually a good one. The average guy could buy a house a few years ago and if he hung…

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