What Would JESUS Do?

What if Jesus came to visit us today? He comes for someone everyday, but what if he actually walked amongst us and gave us some of HIS wisdom on our level in this time and place.

I think he would be glad about many things and very sad about others. He knows America is the greatest place on earth and he knows His Father gave us a lot of opportunity for privilege and prosperity. He would wonder why so many don’t want to thank HIM.

He would be disappointed in our bloated government and expect us all to contribute to society. He didn’t say a thing about taking from one to give to another. A Person who doesn’t work can’t help a soul! He would wonder why 40% have disengaged and are waiting for the good Samaritan!

He would be ashamed how we only had ten rules to follow and we have so much trouble following them…especially when they were just made for our lives to be better.

Jesus knew a man must work to earn his pay and he didn’t say anything about giving it to others or taking it either! HE did say we were supposed to look after each other with generous acts of charity from the heart not just the wallet. Helping the poor with education, giving them help when needed but not making them need it forever!

Kind words, respect of self and property, helping the poor with job creation and language, there is plenty to do.

Teaching our children to love and respect each other and to love HIM, do you think that would please him?

That’s what we are down here for! To be better and help each other, problems are not solved with just money…money is temporary. The government can’t solve much without our involvement either! A good life is for all of us to aspire to by doing the right Things. In America we have the right to pursue happiness…it doesn’t say anywhere it is a sure thing! It takes perseverance and strong character and trust me on this….a little Jesus goes a long way.

When they ask Jesus for food, shelter, marijuana and all the ‘things’ they think they need…I think Jesus would smile…and teach them to fish.


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