Grandmothers Wisdom!

I recently saw a survey by our government on children with sleep deprivation. I was curious, why do we need to spend money on this nonsense? it creates a nothing job for a nobody! Scientists in clinical studies came to the conclusion, children need a minimum of eight hours sleep every night to get good grades and have better moods.

Alright, I will agree, but how do we accomplish this? With parenting, not guilt that the little darlings don’t see enough of you. What they don’t see is enough of the inside of their eyelids.

The article also said the parents have better relationships when the children go to bed by eight o’clock every night. This gives them a chance to be alone! Wow, this is news. It can create better relationships and of course the result will be happier children.

Alright, I totally agree. Now, I ask you this, did we need to spend taxpayer money to find this out? Did we need a study? Let me tell you what should have been done.

They should have asked a grandmother, almost any grandmother. It might be fun to ask them about the kids diet too. When I was little, we got potato chips on Saturday night and half a coke. We stayed up until 9:00 and we got up and went to Mass. We had a Hershey bar maybe once a month and my family were not poor!

Before bed, my mother gave the three of us a small bowl of cereal with a little milk. (I was four years older so my job was to read to my siblings for 30 minutes) and they loved it. Voila! The milk made us sleep and we got up ready to go. My mother didn’t need a study, we went to bed at eight o’clock and we got up at 7:00, ate our breakfast and went to school for 8:00. We were happy, healthy children and our parents had a happy health relationship.

So, next time, just ask the grandmother. She has the right stuff.


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