Being a Kid……..even forever maybe

When I was a child we didn’t have all the electronics and fun games kids have today. We are never going back, but I think it is time to concentrate on the “little things” that make life grand, maybe only once a month but do it.

Disneyland, Sea World, game parks have absolutely nothing on walking in the park with grandchildren and letting them “discover” nature like we did. Picking leaves from trees and identifying them, watching a bird build it’s nest, following ants on the ground making ant hills, listening to the birds and just plain looking at the sky and “seeing God in all things.”

You don’t need pockets of money to entertain them, grandparents have a special place in their lives and it doesn’t have to be the same things their parents provide or daily television shows they shouldn’t watch. Sit with them and watch a documentary on their country and how far we have come. Let them learn and not just do! Tell them about their ancestors, trust me on this, they love to know about themselves and how they came about. Be a storyteller…it never gets old.

Life isn’t just activity toward an end, it is enjoying every minute and knowing how.

How many children today really know how lucky they are…I mean really know. They think “things” will make them happy because that’s what they see, but when you open up the world’s possibilities to them that are right before their eyes and they actually learn to appreciate…they have it all. Teach them what I call dynamite phrases like…”you are a little cup of GOD” or “God watches us, let’s make him happy today”. “That little light inside of you shines when you are good…I can see it shine!”

Imagine your child coming to you with real wonder in his eyes because he saw a falcon or a small woodland creature like a fox. This is an uncommon occurrence and a privilege you can give them by simply sharing nature walks. And, in California they are everywhere and all around us. We live in a huge nature reserve, no matter where you are there are mountains, canyons, meadows and the incredible ocean and all moments from us all. Block out the traffic and the television noise and get out there and share it with your grandchildren. The toys and clothes we buy for them are soon forgotten, but the memories we make for and with them are forever.


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