The Mysterious Illuminate

There are simply millions of conspiracy theories out there to entertain us and one of the most fascinating is about “The Illuminate”. Recently I started getting letters from “The Secret Society” telling me I have been CHOSEN to be a member. I was recommended by a very important, successful person (no name given). They don’t want money, they want my intellect. I don’t know what was read or where they got the idea I would be a good member but I find it interesting and would be more interested if I knew who “recommended me”. Or was I recommended at all…is it fate or does everyone eventually get asked the long list of questions they wanted answered?

Maybe somebody read one of my books or my Blog, I like it.

I was curious to know more so I did some investigation. Some of the claims are astounding! One of the comments was supposedly from Donald Trump who said he would like to ask Oprah to be his running mate because she was a member and she got Obama elected!

My mission is now clear, I must find out if Oprah is a member. I have watched this woman for years and I love her, she is a positive force for good, this I know because I don’t care what people say but I do care what people do.

After my diagnosis on the subject, I came to this conclusion all by myself! If it is true the Illuminate make people outrageously wealthy then they have GOD’s help and if GOD is involved, maybe just maybe, he gives some people enormous wealth to see what they will do with it!

So, Oprah and Angelina Jolie (supposed to be a member) give fortunes away, they help others in ways the average person could never do…so is it a good thing? You decide, I say anyone who helps others, this is good!

We are all on a journey and I stopped closing doors years ago…I want to know all about everything! So enlighten me knowing you can and will never shake my faith as a Christian but I am all eyes and ears!


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