Urban Terrorists…

They were children once. They had parents. They had opportunity to make something of themselves and choice. They made the wrong ones. I wonder how many of them were loved? I wonder how many of them were taught to respect others and love themselves? NONE.

Why do they kill at random? What sickness drives any human to do such horrible things and how can we fix it?
GUN advocates say “more guns” especially in Government buildings, banks, malls, concert halls, entertainment venues…shall I go on because the answer is everywhere. Gun control won’t work, CRIMINALS WILL NEVER GIVE UP THEIR GUNS, however I do believe we could do more to register both ammunition and guns and keep them out of the hands of the mentally ill and any felon.

Remember “use a gun, go to prison?” Well let’s change that to “use a gun and go to prison forever, kill someone and die.” Mental illness is getting a bad rap, Urban Terrorists are not mentally ill, they are evil and they knowingly plan violence and murder.
I love this country and I love living in California. Maybe for a while we must be a police state, I don’t know but I do know what is going on is awful and must stop.

Punishment must fit the crime. I’ll bet my next dessert these guys in San Bernardino will have criminal records and friends and family who knew they were going to do something like this. Arrest them all, they are accomplices, we have more attorney’s than enough in this country, damn it, it is time to rid ourselves of these mongrels for good. Don’t tell me the death penalty is not a deterrent…it sure as hell deters the guy who gets it.

This is costing the Country billions and never mind the monetary, what about the families who suffer forever over such an incident? Forever. We need to get angry! It is time for change, no more Mr Nice Guy, if you do this type of activity and shoot your fellow citizens…you die and you die quickly…like next Tuesday!

The prison system is a big game of arrest and recycle. Save the ones who can be saved and the rest go away…permanently. Enough is enough, bad people understand power, we must take the power from them….they are all basically cowards and they will suffer those last minutes…I don’t want them in the gene pool, I don’t want to feed them, house them and educate them…they gave up those privileges when they pulled the trigger.

Don’t pray for them, pray the country wakes up and does something about this violence…the time is NOW.


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