I decided some time ago to just BE. Most of my life I hurried around always on some mission to get something done, twirling through life on tippy toes and not stopping to just BE.
Going to Church is a just BE moment. If you sit quietly and look at the fabulous stained glass windows, maybe God will wink at you! I like to think HE is glad I am there and I don’t need to hear every word. I zone….I just BE. It is my Zen time, my meditation, even the colors look different.

I just Be when I take my walks too. I take the time to listen to the birds, gaze at the mountains and smell the fresh cut grass. I admire the many magnificent flowers, sometimes I even smell them! All nature is beautiful, I make an effort to take it in.
I always talk to God on my walks. I ask him questions, he answers in mysterious ways. I play games like, God, if you want me to do something different with my life…point it out, show me. I want to do the right things, help me accomplish that. Give me Wisdom and let me shine!

You know that little light that shines in us? We all have one, it is the Holy Spirit. I want my light to shine brightly. I don’t want to be in a hurry, why should I be? I worked for forty four years…can’t I just BE now? I promise to evolve, I promise to pay attention and I promise to be a teensy bit better everyday. If we are our thoughts, let me have good ones.

I’m done with the News! I want to be informed so I will tape my favourite programs and watch the good commentators on each one…I promise to watch the programs I don’t always agree with too. Then, I will turn it off. I have come to the conclusion they have to be on for 24/7 and half of it they make up!

I pray for the country to get strong good moral leaders even if we don’t deserve them. Lately we don’t. I also pray for the leaders we have to get a good dose of Wisdom. I have only one vote, I can’t change Washington but I can be a “little light” and change what I can here and now. The one thing I can easily do is BE kind. Every grandparent should make it their mission to teach their grandchildren to BE kind. Let their parent’s worry about their grades and their electronics, teach them to be kind and give them a gift that will hold them in high esteem every day for the rest of their lives.

For years I have worn a little gold bee with golden citrines and black onex. It is my trademark piece and for years I wore it as a “Queen Bee”. Now I look at her and think how she has taught me to just BE. Yes, she has changed too. I can be kind and I can BE and that is my goal.

Just BE, it isn’t easy but I’m getting the hang of it!


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