Election Madness

I am amazed with the Election at this point.  Americans are wonderful people for the most part but they quite often are naïve and too damn emotional.  Half the stuff the electorates are saying would never get done.  Remember, there is Congress to deal with and it has been constipated for years!  But there is a caveat here.

*Americans for the most part have figured it out!  There is not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  Maybe in theory, but not in Practice. No smart, articulate person believes that establishment candidates on either side of the aisle will work to….


And that is why we have Donald Trump!  Our politicians created him and he has FU money and if you don’t know what that is…THINK ABOUT IT.

Trump wants to make America great again…even greater and he is working from the heart and his own wallet.  The people love the guy and this phenomenon will continue all the way to the White House because Americans have had enough of yappy politicians and their back room deals.  They know they just want the Status Quo and they will do nothing to change anything.

Pay attention here, we need Trump.  We don’t need a class of people who live off us!  He is breaking down the barriers and he will continue to do it with our support.

He is not perfect, not even close but he does make perfectly good sense.  He isn’t telling us we will get free stuff…he is telling us we will be free again from a bloated government that no longer serves the people but serves themselves.

There are of course a few good men amongst them, but they are not leaders, they are not strong and they are scared to do the right thing.  Cruz talks, he is smart and articulate and he is a Constitutionalist, he understands the law and the right way to do things…but he fights…and he doesn’t win. He doesn’t have any support. Rubio talks, he understands the Middle East more than most but he didn’t pick his friends wisely, the Democrats did him in! They only pretend to want to do the right thing and he believed them. Bernie is a Marxist, who has never accomplished anything and Hillary is a pathological LIAR. She is the culprit who struck the match that lit up the Middle East!  And the reset with Russia, how is that going?  Do people really believe this woman would be respected by world leaders who certainly know what she is about. If she has so many wonderful ideas about the economy and jobs, why didn’t she tell Barack about them?

Just listen to them…….Free everything?  Ask Europe about that.

Trump is telling us there is a reason Success comes after Effort in the dictionary.  Many in our society do need a little help, but long term handouts enable and destroy character.  Allowing us to create opportunity by lower taxes and less regulation works and it is the goal for the good of all.  The pursuit of happiness, that’s what we were promised and I think the words work, effort, self esteem and diligence are in there somewhere.

I think we could have close to free education on line.  Big brick and mortar universities are a thing of the past, educate for what we need to excel, not what we need to do to get “things” for free. Stop teaching our children they can’t do it without big brother! Youth is wonderful, they live with their parents and want the government to be “big daddy” just like they are used to.  But the government has no money, the taxpayers are the ones you are taking from. Thus yourselves, if you are ever smart enough to actually become a taxpayer.

There is no free lunch.  Learn this and you will understand the mission.  This is the land of opportunity, don’t let the politicians take it away from us by continuing to bloat the government and filling their pockets and making you pick up the tab!.




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