Cussing, Swearing and grandparents

People talk trash these days no matter who is around to hear it.  Stupid people wear tee shirts with vulgar and disgusting phrases and don’t even realize they are offensive.  Being offensive is the new norm, how about being sensitive to real problems like the way people act!

The “F” word is a trendy word used by just about everybody these days.  I can remember trying to look it up in the dictionary when I was a kid, it was the absolute worst word on the planet.  With all our technology and education we have become a Nation of people who tolerate bad behaviour at every turn!  People use vulgar language because they had working parents who took the time to ram sports into the schedule but forgot about civility! They have abominable table manners and wear absolutely ugly outfits because good “taste” has become rare.  We overeat, over spend and overindulge in just about everything.

Most people however are good at heart.  They just need some lessons on behaviour.  If you want to help people follow my lead.  When you see something you don’t think is right…speak up.  Don’t worry, if you do it right you have helped the person and if you do it wrong you have insulted them.  So what!  Insult away, just keep it clean and pithy.  They may not like it but if their mother didn’t bother to take the time to teach them civility, it is your duty to do it now!

The other day I was at a Department store and a nice young man helped me with my bags.  I gave him a few bucks and thanked him.  He said “no problem”. I looked him in the eye and said “don’t say that, I didn’t think there was a problem and that statement is negative.  Smile and say “My Pleasure” and your life will be enriched, trust me darling!”  He smiled and thanked me and you know what?  I bet he does it from now on because he will reap the rewards.  Young people need our help…most of them had working parents with little time for them, but I bet most of them have good grandparents and that is our role now, show them the way!.

We can save them and help them one person at a time.  You may even change their perception  and make them better…and we can all use improvement.   It starts with example and respect for oneself and we all can do it.  It takes practice but it is entertaining and a great way to help others…believe me!




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