Homemaker Extraordinaire

The other day I listened to a conversation between my son and his Children. He was talking about what women used to be like. He fondly spoke of his grandmother Greta and how she could do anything! He often stayed with her in her cute little house in Garden Grove California, she had a big back yard and a clothes line. She washed her clothes in a Maytag automatic but she hung them on her clothes line. He was fascinated with that! She had a park bench under a big maple tree (she brought a seedling in her purse when she moved here from Canada) and it loved California and grew to be huge. It was beautiful and shaded the left side of the yard. She had orange trees, peach, cherry and a big lemon tree too. She made her own cherry jam and he went on to emphasize his grandmother could do anything. She was a great cook and she could sew beautiful clothes and make quilts and everything! Sometimes at night they would sit in the yard and watch the fireworks light up the sky over the Matterhorn at Disneyland.  It was magical for him, he felt like he lived in Disneyland.  Later in his life I reminded him he did!  She was what people used to call a homemaker and a homemaker extraordinaire she was!

He never mentioned she worked in a bank for thirty years, why? Because she was a widow forced to work and she thought of that as just earning a living…the rest of the time she created wonderful meals and beautiful clothing for her kids, it was what she liked to do. She taught “joy”. She loved her role as a grandmother and mother and she shone with a bright light for all to see. She talked about seeing “God in all things” and he was blessed with “love” personified.

Of course he is thankful for the life he had with me as his mother, but I couldn’t hold a candle to my mother when it came to practical life and survival. I was a “corporate raderette” part of the “Women’s Lib” movement that told us we could have it all, what bunk! I know now I missed a lot. I had more material things than most ever dream of but not near as much fun.

She grew up during the Depression with her sisters and they learned to Survive. (read Angels of Warwick) go to my website Judith Slaughter Author. They learned to be thankful and listening to him I realized what wonderful value grandmothers are! I knew of course, but not anything like I know now.

My daughter in law is a “stay at home mom” and I thank God for that. I have told her on several occasions, “you can always work, but you can’t always enjoy your kids when you are away at work”. I speak from experience!

Life has so many wonders, we truly are too soon old and too late smart but I am trying to make up for it. On my mother’s eightieth birthday we took her to Disneyland Club 33 for dinner and I told her “Mom, I hope my child loves me as much as your child loves you”. We are never too old to learn and never too old to do the right thing so I go forward with her wisdom and try to put it in motion daily.

We are all a little cup of God, teach your grandchildren that and they will be happy and prosperous…my mom taught me and she taught my child too. Family is everything.


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