Election 2016

Alright enough already! Romney’s dad did the same exact thing to Barry Goldwater, the old republican guard trotted out every scare tactic they could think of…Romney lost anyway but Barry lost too. People are tired of being told who to vote for, this is 2016!

The Democrats are telling us we must vote for Hillary, she is experienced. Does it matter that her experience has been worthless to America? We have all worked with people who have experience and how about experts? How have they done lately? Bernie Sanders cannot win, he would never get his programs done and the Democrats would have a heck of a time explaining how a Socialist ever got into power with the backing of their party! We all know the Democrats are socialists but they don’t want it said out loud!

I would ask Bernie to name one country where socialism is thriving, just one.
I would ask Hillary to name an accomplishment, just one.

Capitalism is the only way….and yes from time to time it must be tweaked. It’s getting a royal tweaking right now!

When you think of why our government was formed in the first place, you wonder how it ever got to be the dog’s dinner it has become. The jig is up kids, you’re only job was to defend our shores and you don’t do it so what do we need you for?

The States would do just fine without the “Washington Cartel” the “Elites” and the “Lobbyists”. The American people want their country back, they don’t want terrorists sent back to the battlefield to kill us and they are appalled that Syrian refugees are being dropped into our cities secretly at night as we speak.

America is not opposed to immigration, they don’t want “Illegal immigration” and 570,000 Muslims being brought in since 2008 is not good…especially when they want to kill us. I realize not all of them want to, but how do we separate the wolves from the sheep?

We are a Country of Laws but we are being run by a lawlessness  like no other time in our History. We are told they know better than us, they are experienced. Really? Bernie thinks there are no poor white people in the country, where has he been? Liberal politics have created plenty of them with hand outs.

We can only survive if we realize we can be better and stick together. There isn’t much difference between the political parties and the people are starting to wonder how this game is played. They don’t understand it completely, but they know they don’t like it.

I am a common sense person, I love this country and I love living in California. California is a magnificent place, liberal politics have brought us from the 9th economy in the world to 30th. We have a river running through Los Angeles (yes a river runs through it) and we dump billions of gallons of water into the ocean and have a drought. Ask Jerry Brown…Oh, I forgot he wants to build a railroad to nowhere. We could have estuaries and reservoir’s, we could have the most beautiful city in the world! Look up Frank Gehry, see the vision. I pray Trump will see it for us and help us be great again! You see, we have politicians who buy property along the “train route” now do you get it? It’s time to weed out the losers and live for the better of all Americans. I want them to stop lying and start trying, and succeeding!

The Establishment Republicans are shameful and if they don’t get behind Donald Trump they are just stupid. I don’t need to like him nor do you, but four years of a real Capitalist just might put these politicians in their places and elevate the American people who have been held hostage since the Reagan presidency, and he was a Democrat turned Republican and the best President we ever had in our lifetime!
I liked Jack Kennedy too, he would like Trump because he too was a Capitalist and a great American.


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