Watching the horror in Brussels and knowing it could have been prevented is just too much.  These cretins are going to Middle Eastern Countries and being trained to kill.  Then they just stroll back into the country and kill their friends and neighbors.  Trump is right, the families know what they are doing.  These idiots are making bombs in their residences and they don’t care if they kill their relatives!  The neighbourhood where they live is known to be a hot bed of terrorists and they are paralysed into believing they won’t hurt them?

Europe must do their part we just can’t do it all. They don’t have raids at night? They are at War and they watch them?  They  worry about feelings? Trump’ s right, we could never follow their lead and we must be the leader or we will all be touched by this.  I agree with him, sympathy is necessary but using our resources wisely is much better.  My Good God, they know who these people are, why are they allowing them to kill their citizens?  They can get as mad as they like at Donald Trump and if it helps them mobilize then great!

It’s always reactive not proactive.  A culture of people who look the other way our of political correctness will be a culture of dumb dead bunnies!  Are we doing the same stupid things?  it’s hard to understand why we can’t organize this effort and stop this carnage. Why don’t we?   WE NEED A LEADER to organize our Muslim allies and get this thing done.  They are just as afraid as we are!

Common sense just ain’t too common.



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