Come together over me

They will come together.  Trump did hurt feelings and I wish I could take back a few things he said…but not all.  He is right on about everything and we know it.  The tassel shoed men discussing how to save the world in bars in Georgetown have failed and they are mighty upset.  We sent you to Washington and you didn’t represent us!  Party is over boys.  Even those on government aid should wonder about their futures.

Dumbing down the country and making everyone the same  is not the answer and never will be.  Sticks and Stones….remember? It is time for America to change, the same old guys want the same old things….not this time.

Donald is far from perfect but only God is perfect. Many world leaders were brash, remember Churchill?  He was the greatest man of our century and often a clown when it came to behaviour. He despised fancy cocktail parties and disingenuous people and had fun insulting them!

“Mr. Churchill, I do believe you are drunk.”

“Yes I am and you madam are ugly.  In the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”

Doesn’t get much worse than that, yet this often insensitive, brilliant man saved the free world.

Petty arguments and bruised feelings are not worth us losing an election that will matter for years to come.  Quite often we find the truth hurts!  We simply cannot go on the way we have been, Hillary has no new ideas, she is the old guard and she must go.  She is part of the cause, certainly not the solution. Get over the nonsense,  let’s get on board the Trump train and make this country great again.


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