I Believe my success in business was largely because I though like a MAN and was no doubt a WOMAN.
OUTRAGED? Please think about it.
Having thousands of employees work for me for forty four years, I learned many valuable lessons to apply to life.
Men are different than women and “Viva La Differance!”
WOMEN ARE MORE EMOTIONAL THAN MEN, by design. Men in general can skip to the bottom line while women are often mired in the minutia.
This election is a great example. Being worried about a man kissing a woman without permission while the world is on fire really makes women look rather indesisive and frankly, silly.
Trump went into this race precisely for the reason we are seeing before our lying eyes. The government is corrupt. Many politicians are involved in the “I scratch your back and you scratch mine.” Trump like most of us thinks it’s time to concentrate on the Country!
The ring leader of corruption and bad judgement is HILLARY CLINTON! It should concern all of us that never in our history have tax payers had to pay hundreds of millions in legal fees for a President. The Clinton’s were up to their eye balls in scandals the entire time they occupied the White House .
TO DATE THE DEMOCRAT PARTY cannot articulate her purpose for running or name her accomplishments.
Should this matter?
TRUMP will stimulate the economy with jobs and a brighter futures for us. Trump wants to make this country safe again. Law and Order. He will surround himself with intelligent advisors and he will listen to his military commanders. He is not sympathetic to the “Muslim” cause. Are you?
Under Democrat Rule we have 40% of our citizens on welfare and an economy that is sluggish at best. The average American feels this, the elites are loving it.
The Murders and gang violence in our major cities is astounding and has been for a very long time. Trump knows, the more who are in the work force, the better off we all are. Hillary has said “welfare stimulates the economy”. She is a political hack and has no clue how to build anything.
Bernie Sanders was right when he said “Hillary is owned by Wall Street.”
A vote for Hillary is a vote for the same as usual corrupt Washington.

Being caught up in Trump’s love life is a smoke screen. I care what people “Do” the rest is white noise.
Are you telling me many women don’t care about the issues? Sure looks that way.
if women cared about their families, their safety, their job advancement, school choice and a better life for more of us they would not be caught up in tabloid nonsense. Failing schools and murders in the major cities out of control. Illegal Immigration, ISIS….we have plenty to be concerned about.

It makes me think many women should not vote. If they can’t see every decision she made in the Middle East was wrong, the fact she jeopardized our National Security to hide her criminal activity in their foundation and all known and prosecuted past scandals, then I shake my head at the stupidity.


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