The Russians

Now it’s all about the Russians! First it was President Obama whispering he would take care of them after the election. What did that mean?

Then it was Hillary kissing up to Vlad and doing the ridiculous reset. He is still laughing. It looked like an episode of the price is right and likely was!

Now it’s about TRUMP. He is a private citizen mind you, but somehow has a relationship with Putin!

I hope he will have a better relationship with World Leaders than these two characters.
Trump is a businessman who knows how to negotiate and win. he is result oriented, fair, smart and no B.S. Hillary and Barack know how to have meetings, spend other peoples money and talk talk talk.

While Hillary was secretary of State, her husband managed to sell 50% of our uranium to Russia through a Canadian Mining Company, how does that happen? I hope this country realizes what that means. BOMBS. That’s what they do with it!

We the People have only one chance to stop the Clinton Corruption and it will be to vote for Trump.

The investigations into the Clinton Corruption will continue, the country will be mired in legal battles at our expense and nothing will get done. She will do nothing. She had a chance to show us what she could do, she didn’t do very well. The Foundation is a criminal enterprise for cash for the Clintons. They corrupt people every day and the ones they can’t disappear. Even the mafia had a code of ethics.

Bill was a gifted and slick politician. he talks a great game but he is not to be trusted. He doesn’t like her either! Hillary is not gifted nor slick, she is careless and plays fast and loose with our security. Don’t let her do it.


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