Nation of “Sayers”

We “say” we want real change. 70% of us say we need change. We think the country is on the wrong path!

We “say” we want fair trade and  jobs.

We “say” we want our veterans taken care of.

We “say” we want our cities safe and law and order to prevail.

We “say” we want ISIS eradicated.

We “say” we want America first, we want accountability on money sent to other nations.

We “say” we  are tired of our politicians dooming our children’s futures.

………YET WE ARE BEING OFFERED A SOLUTION  WITH DONALD TRUMP yet we vote for a 30 year corrupt politician with nothing new, nothing accomplished and was complicit  in causing most of the problems?

Keep it simple.  Change will never come from a woman who has had numerous chances to make positive change but concentrated on keeping her face in the taxpayers dinner plate for over 30 years.

Judge people by their family and friends. Acquaintances and Accomplishments. Leadership abilities!

You can tell a lot about people by what they actually do…….not much by what they say.



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