Melting Snowflakes

If ever there was a time to bring back the Military Draft it is now!  The “cry ins” at the Universities are a sad reality. The generation of “it’s all about me” just might be in for a reality check!

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Most Professors are just old students who never grew up, never worked in the private sector and teach theories, never practical knowledge. Does anyone believe they are preparing these kids for success in the working world?   Kids are forced to write papers to please them if they want a good grade. This is freedom? The left is not about freedom of speech or thought and never has been. They fill their heads with nonsense, give them little practical knowledge and no critical thinking.  Who will hire them? I hope their rich parents are prepared to support them forever.

I listen to them saying they are “the compassionate generation”, they love everyone and Trump is a hater. This is so familiar to me. I grew up in California in the 60’s, the flower children and all their love for drugs, communes and living in filth. Where are they now? Most of them are dead but many are teaching your kids.

It is time for America to look hard at these Liberal Professors and offer a strong alternative. In order to teach at college level, they should have to work in the private sector for five years.  Most of them would never make it.  Some of them would become capitalists and successful, maybe ever appreciate the country that has served them so well. They would most certainly change their old and tired tune.

Thank God the majority of kids do have decent parents and will not waste their precious time.  They are going to school to learn, too bad it won’t be from their teachers. They will learn their most valuable lessons working in the private sector at a menial job!  It’s funny how the costs of their education has been bloated by the very government they think they want!

The “give me” generation is about to see America as she should be.  A good and prosperous life is a choice in America, it isn’t easy but it is available and it will be even more available real soon!

Our colleges are not serving this country well and it is time for parents to question what they are actually paying for.

In 1944, 18 year olds were storming the beaches of Normandy so these pathetic kids could have the fabulous freedom they enjoy today.  They don’t even know it and who’s fault is that?

I don’t think the new administration is going to put up with them, Reagan didn’t.


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