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Super bowl super stars

What a game! 

Too keep it interesting my husband and I decided to root for different teams.  We both love the Patriots but he decided to go for the Falcons.   We drove to Palm Springs to enjoy the game with friends,  loads of Mexican food and snacks galore…and drinks of course.

We were surprised that everyone (10 of us) wanted the Falcons so we rooted for our beloved Patriots.  Things were not going so well but we figured Brady would rise to the occasion so we took the jabs and barbs and there were plenty of them.  I said things like, Brady doesn’t get sacked as I watched him getting beat up quite a bit and by the end of the second quarter I was starting to make excuses for Tom!  Maybe the Falcons should win, it’s their turn and The Patriots dominate and have won so many times, how many rings does Tom need?

By the end of the third quarter I was giving in to the masses, Brady was going to go down, but my dear husband said “It’s not over yet” never count the Patriots out.  Secretly  I was hoping Tom would ring up Erin Rodgers and ask him to mentally orchestrate one of his famous last minute Hail Mary’s, he would need three though…..the odds were not good.

Then the last quarter was upon us and something happened….

We all sat in stunned silence, it was crazy…I actually was thinking good thoughts for the Falcons who certainly had nothing to be ashamed of.  I have a weakness for the underdog and it was beginning to show….and just when I said “It would be nice for the Falcons to win…that  darn wonderful Brady and his team…did it again!

Best game ever!


My Favourite Russian

When I was a child all we ever heard was the Russians were going to get us.  The teacher taught us how to get under our desks in case they attacked.  When I was thirteen, Sputnik was launched and we were all doomed!  My friend Bobby Gibson named his bike Sputnik and started smoking Players Navy Cut  cigarettes.  He said we were all going to die anyway so why not enjoy ourselves!  I never bought into the notion that smoking was having a good time. I was too worried about how I looked and smelled to smoke.

My mother did a stellar job of convincing me only very bad street walking girls and wayward movie stars smoked. She told me they all smell like cigarettes and had bad breath, not to mention yellow teeth and stinky hair. I got the picture. Why wear fancy perfume if you smoke?

It was the Russians I never understood.  Daddy who fought in WW2 and spent two years in York England talked about “The Bear to the North” and said Churchill said never to trust them.  We all knew about Churchill and the Royal Family and how the little British Children were sent on trains to the countryside during the wicked German Blitzes.  We loved and respected the Royal family and we all liked IKE!

We were worldly, Informed and happy!

Yes, I grew up in a marvellous time. We were kids, no video games but hero’s like The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid and Snow White!  It was those Russians that stumped me.

Our neighbourhood was very ethnic,  Italians, Irish, Poles and a few Germans but they were all  Catholic, no sense in fighting with people you go to Church with.  They all had stories to tell and that’s what I loved the most.  Far away places, I never dreamed that I would see any of them, growing up in Canada we thought the USA was foreign and very mysterious.

It was those damn Russians.  Didn’t they learn anything from the War? And if they were so bad, why did we go to Madam Fenia’s for dinner every other Sunday and eat Perogi?  She was a Russian and my mother’s best friend!  The Papa was named Conrad and they told stories about how they escaped Russia by travelling to Japan during the Revolution.  I loved reading about Anastasia and all the KIngs and Queens and especially the Fabrege eggs. I was a most peculiar kid!

I learned to give everybody a chance, trust but verify and I have been that way all my life.  Putin is a very bad actor, but he hasn’t jostled with Mr. Trump yet, he just might have a few lessons to learn. My money is on Trump!