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Melting Snowflakes

If ever there was a time to bring back the Military Draft it is now!  The “cry ins” at the Universities are a sad reality. The generation of “it’s all about me” just might be in for a reality check!

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Most Professors are just old students who never grew up, never worked in the private sector and teach theories, never practical knowledge. Does anyone believe they are preparing these kids for success in the working world?   Kids are forced to write papers to please them if they want a good grade. This is freedom? The left is not about freedom of speech or thought and never has been. They fill their heads with nonsense, give them little practical knowledge and no critical thinking.  Who will hire them? I hope their rich parents are prepared to support them forever.

I listen to them saying they are “the compassionate generation”, they love everyone and Trump is a hater. This is so familiar to me. I grew up in California in the 60’s, the flower children and all their love for drugs, communes and living in filth. Where are they now? Most of them are dead but many are teaching your kids.

It is time for America to look hard at these Liberal Professors and offer a strong alternative. In order to teach at college level, they should have to work in the private sector for five years.  Most of them would never make it.  Some of them would become capitalists and successful, maybe ever appreciate the country that has served them so well. They would most certainly change their old and tired tune.

Thank God the majority of kids do have decent parents and will not waste their precious time.  They are going to school to learn, too bad it won’t be from their teachers. They will learn their most valuable lessons working in the private sector at a menial job!  It’s funny how the costs of their education has been bloated by the very government they think they want!

The “give me” generation is about to see America as she should be.  A good and prosperous life is a choice in America, it isn’t easy but it is available and it will be even more available real soon!

Our colleges are not serving this country well and it is time for parents to question what they are actually paying for.

In 1944, 18 year olds were storming the beaches of Normandy so these pathetic kids could have the fabulous freedom they enjoy today.  They don’t even know it and who’s fault is that?

I don’t think the new administration is going to put up with them, Reagan didn’t.


Come together over me

They will come together.  Trump did hurt feelings and I wish I could take back a few things he said…but not all.  He is right on about everything and we know it.  The tassel shoed men discussing how to save the world in bars in Georgetown have failed and they are mighty upset.  We sent you to Washington and you didn’t represent us!  Party is over boys.  Even those on government aid should wonder about their futures.

Dumbing down the country and making everyone the same  is not the answer and never will be.  Sticks and Stones….remember? It is time for America to change, the same old guys want the same old things….not this time.

Donald is far from perfect but only God is perfect. Many world leaders were brash, remember Churchill?  He was the greatest man of our century and often a clown when it came to behaviour. He despised fancy cocktail parties and disingenuous people and had fun insulting them!

“Mr. Churchill, I do believe you are drunk.”

“Yes I am and you madam are ugly.  In the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”

Doesn’t get much worse than that, yet this often insensitive, brilliant man saved the free world.

Petty arguments and bruised feelings are not worth us losing an election that will matter for years to come.  Quite often we find the truth hurts!  We simply cannot go on the way we have been, Hillary has no new ideas, she is the old guard and she must go.  She is part of the cause, certainly not the solution. Get over the nonsense,  let’s get on board the Trump train and make this country great again.

Nun extraordinaire, Mother Angelica

When I want to feel like a child again, I turn on the television and watch EWTN with Mother Angelica. I know she is old fashioned, but some things never change.  We have the young to teach us the things that change and the old to teach us the important things that never change. She takes me back to the simple life we used to live.  She is almost Always right!  She talks about God and our place here on earth and how God has a plan for us.

We pray it’s a good one!

The world is all hustle bustle today with electronics making us smart and confused at the same time.  We need it, it sometimes owns us, but listening to Mother Angelica it all seems more simple somehow.

I had nuns I did not like, one in particular Sister Dolorosa.  My father picked her as my music teacher because she was Italian, I didn’t like her one bit!  She fell down a flight of stairs and I got a new nun, sister Joseph.  At first I thought I had ” the power” and made her go away with wishful thinking!  That alone should give you an idea of what a handful I was.  I wasn’t a bad kid, just a clever and always thinking one.  My mother had my number  and would say “Judi Mae, I know you are making the balls and  the rest of them are firing  them” and she was right!

When I  grew older I realized I didn’t like her because she was “strict” and was on to me when I didn’t practice. She disciplined me with a tone and a particular look over her glasses that scared the wits out of me. She was in charge and I practiced!  Sister Dolorosa taught me more in two years than any other teacher I had!  Children need discipline to become balanced individuals, we had plenty of discipline at school and are better for it.

Mother  Angelica died on Easter Sunday, she was 92. She had common sense and optimism.  She was a straight talker and a saint.  To me her most  valuable lesson was, Jesus calls us all to be saints , don’t miss  the opportunity!  She never did.

Homemaker Extraordinaire

The other day I listened to a conversation between my son and his Children. He was talking about what women used to be like. He fondly spoke of his grandmother Greta and how she could do anything! He often stayed with her in her cute little house in Garden Grove California, she had a big back yard and a clothes line. She washed her clothes in a Maytag automatic but she hung them on her clothes line. He was fascinated with that! She had a park bench under a big maple tree (she brought a seedling in her purse when she moved here from Canada) and it loved California and grew to be huge. It was beautiful and shaded the left side of the yard. She had orange trees, peach, cherry and a big lemon tree too. She made her own cherry jam and he went on to emphasize his grandmother could do anything. She was a great cook and she could sew beautiful clothes and make quilts and everything! Sometimes at night they would sit in the yard and watch the fireworks light up the sky over the Matterhorn at Disneyland.  It was magical for him, he felt like he lived in Disneyland.  Later in his life I reminded him he did!  She was what people used to call a homemaker and a homemaker extraordinaire she was!

He never mentioned she worked in a bank for thirty years, why? Because she was a widow forced to work and she thought of that as just earning a living…the rest of the time she created wonderful meals and beautiful clothing for her kids, it was what she liked to do. She taught “joy”. She loved her role as a grandmother and mother and she shone with a bright light for all to see. She talked about seeing “God in all things” and he was blessed with “love” personified.

Of course he is thankful for the life he had with me as his mother, but I couldn’t hold a candle to my mother when it came to practical life and survival. I was a “corporate raderette” part of the “Women’s Lib” movement that told us we could have it all, what bunk! I know now I missed a lot. I had more material things than most ever dream of but not near as much fun.

She grew up during the Depression with her sisters and they learned to Survive. (read Angels of Warwick) go to my website Judith Slaughter Author. They learned to be thankful and listening to him I realized what wonderful value grandmothers are! I knew of course, but not anything like I know now.

My daughter in law is a “stay at home mom” and I thank God for that. I have told her on several occasions, “you can always work, but you can’t always enjoy your kids when you are away at work”. I speak from experience!

Life has so many wonders, we truly are too soon old and too late smart but I am trying to make up for it. On my mother’s eightieth birthday we took her to Disneyland Club 33 for dinner and I told her “Mom, I hope my child loves me as much as your child loves you”. We are never too old to learn and never too old to do the right thing so I go forward with her wisdom and try to put it in motion daily.

We are all a little cup of God, teach your grandchildren that and they will be happy and prosperous…my mom taught me and she taught my child too. Family is everything.

Teen Nudity in the news!

Punish them, but don’t hurt them for the rest of their lives. This is a wake up call for all parents to pay attention to what kids are doing with their phones and their TIME! My heart goes out to the many shocked parents, some crying and demanding to see the photos because they couldn’t believe their child would do such a thing.

Kids do things without thinking and rarely ponder the outcome. It would have been interesting to be privy to some of the conversations with parents. Some parents will take charge and put their kid in private school. Some will think it’s cute and that is where the problem lies.

In our culture of selfies; everybody wants their moment of fame. This is not the way to get it!
I can’t imagine my kid doing such a thing not even on a dare! I am sure I don’t need to know all his peccadillos but I can guarantee he was smart enough not to record them!

Children who are taught respect for themselves and others know this is stupid and wrong. It isn’t funny and it isn’t cute. I’d like to see the kids who were involved. Bet there weren’t many who have two parents or attend church or synagogue…. if any.
This country is on a moral downhill spiral and the only way to fix it is to return to firm principals and consequence for actions. NO EXCUSES. I am sure most of these kids would not want their relatives gawking at them in the nude, but I could be wrong.

We are supposed to be the children of the 60’s, the wild kids. I was a popular teen and I don’t remember anything like this at my California high school. I loved my parents, I would have never shamed them.

I can’t think of a better time to bring up SCHOOL CHOICE, shouldn’t they be going to school to learn and study? Do these kids really think they will be able to compete in the workplace with this mindset? USA is way down the list in education…it’s time to do something about it.

These little brats should have to do one year of community service…they might learn something valuable.

Grandmothers Wisdom!

I recently saw a survey by our government on children with sleep deprivation. I was curious, why do we need to spend money on this nonsense? it creates a nothing job for a nobody! Scientists in clinical studies came to the conclusion, children need a minimum of eight hours sleep every night to get good grades and have better moods.

Alright, I will agree, but how do we accomplish this? With parenting, not guilt that the little darlings don’t see enough of you. What they don’t see is enough of the inside of their eyelids.

The article also said the parents have better relationships when the children go to bed by eight o’clock every night. This gives them a chance to be alone! Wow, this is news. It can create better relationships and of course the result will be happier children.

Alright, I totally agree. Now, I ask you this, did we need to spend taxpayer money to find this out? Did we need a study? Let me tell you what should have been done.

They should have asked a grandmother, almost any grandmother. It might be fun to ask them about the kids diet too. When I was little, we got potato chips on Saturday night and half a coke. We stayed up until 9:00 and we got up and went to Mass. We had a Hershey bar maybe once a month and my family were not poor!

Before bed, my mother gave the three of us a small bowl of cereal with a little milk. (I was four years older so my job was to read to my siblings for 30 minutes) and they loved it. Voila! The milk made us sleep and we got up ready to go. My mother didn’t need a study, we went to bed at eight o’clock and we got up at 7:00, ate our breakfast and went to school for 8:00. We were happy, healthy children and our parents had a happy health relationship.

So, next time, just ask the grandmother. She has the right stuff.

Politicians and politics

Our Country tis’ of thee…sweet land of Liberty! And both Democrats and Republicans better start to realize, we the people are watching and many are paying attention!
Both sides have had their crooks and their scandals but I think it is important to look deeply at what they were. The News media has become our biggest problem, for the most part they have become bloated and lazy just like the people they follow.

I am ready for INFORMED and proven YOUTH. Hey, its’ going to be your country, better start reading something from both sides and stop drinking the cool aid. President John F Kennedy was my favourite Democrat, he would be considered a Republican today! The Republican party has become the old democrat party and the Democrats have become watered down socialists!

Do we teach critical thinking in this country? I don’t see any signs of it. THE MISINFORMED YOUTH OF THIS COUNTRY HAS NO IDEA WHAT LIVING IN “BERNIES’ WORLD would be like. They wouldn’t like it, for now they have Daddy and Mommy paying their way…..Just wait until they have to do it.

I believe every professor in this country should work in the private sector before they are allowed to teach our children. They are just students themselves, no practical knowledge, no critical thinking and they are destroying our youth through the education system. This is how Communism/Socialism will take over this country and they won’t fire a shot. The Great Bear Russia gave us the warning, we don’t pay attention!

The American people are good, best in the world and we must remember who we are. This is no time for an identity crisis. I admit, I quite often judge a book by it’s cover, I give everybody a quick read, but if a person doesn’t demonstrate they care about themselves, what are they going to do for others? Body language reveals plenty.

I know there is no human being who is always right, but how can so many be always wrong?
Read and educate yourself from both sides of the aisle and stop worrying about what the government is going to do for you…and do what Kennedy so eloquently said…worry about what you can do for your country!