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My Favourite Russian

When I was a child all we ever heard was the Russians were going to get us.  The teacher taught us how to get under our desks in case they attacked.  When I was thirteen, Sputnik was launched and we were all doomed!  My friend Bobby Gibson named his bike Sputnik and started smoking Players Navy Cut  cigarettes.  He said we were all going to die anyway so why not enjoy ourselves!  I never bought into the notion that smoking was having a good time. I was too worried about how I looked and smelled to smoke.

My mother did a stellar job of convincing me only very bad street walking girls and wayward movie stars smoked. She told me they all smell like cigarettes and had bad breath, not to mention yellow teeth and stinky hair. I got the picture. Why wear fancy perfume if you smoke?

It was the Russians I never understood.  Daddy who fought in WW2 and spent two years in York England talked about “The Bear to the North” and said Churchill said never to trust them.  We all knew about Churchill and the Royal Family and how the little British Children were sent on trains to the countryside during the wicked German Blitzes.  We loved and respected the Royal family and we all liked IKE!

We were worldly, Informed and happy!

Yes, I grew up in a marvellous time. We were kids, no video games but hero’s like The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid and Snow White!  It was those Russians that stumped me.

Our neighbourhood was very ethnic,  Italians, Irish, Poles and a few Germans but they were all  Catholic, no sense in fighting with people you go to Church with.  They all had stories to tell and that’s what I loved the most.  Far away places, I never dreamed that I would see any of them, growing up in Canada we thought the USA was foreign and very mysterious.

It was those damn Russians.  Didn’t they learn anything from the War? And if they were so bad, why did we go to Madam Fenia’s for dinner every other Sunday and eat Perogi?  She was a Russian and my mother’s best friend!  The Papa was named Conrad and they told stories about how they escaped Russia by travelling to Japan during the Revolution.  I loved reading about Anastasia and all the KIngs and Queens and especially the Fabrege eggs. I was a most peculiar kid!

I learned to give everybody a chance, trust but verify and I have been that way all my life.  Putin is a very bad actor, but he hasn’t jostled with Mr. Trump yet, he just might have a few lessons to learn. My money is on Trump!



Melting Snowflakes

If ever there was a time to bring back the Military Draft it is now!  The “cry ins” at the Universities are a sad reality. The generation of “it’s all about me” just might be in for a reality check!

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Most Professors are just old students who never grew up, never worked in the private sector and teach theories, never practical knowledge. Does anyone believe they are preparing these kids for success in the working world?   Kids are forced to write papers to please them if they want a good grade. This is freedom? The left is not about freedom of speech or thought and never has been. They fill their heads with nonsense, give them little practical knowledge and no critical thinking.  Who will hire them? I hope their rich parents are prepared to support them forever.

I listen to them saying they are “the compassionate generation”, they love everyone and Trump is a hater. This is so familiar to me. I grew up in California in the 60’s, the flower children and all their love for drugs, communes and living in filth. Where are they now? Most of them are dead but many are teaching your kids.

It is time for America to look hard at these Liberal Professors and offer a strong alternative. In order to teach at college level, they should have to work in the private sector for five years.  Most of them would never make it.  Some of them would become capitalists and successful, maybe ever appreciate the country that has served them so well. They would most certainly change their old and tired tune.

Thank God the majority of kids do have decent parents and will not waste their precious time.  They are going to school to learn, too bad it won’t be from their teachers. They will learn their most valuable lessons working in the private sector at a menial job!  It’s funny how the costs of their education has been bloated by the very government they think they want!

The “give me” generation is about to see America as she should be.  A good and prosperous life is a choice in America, it isn’t easy but it is available and it will be even more available real soon!

Our colleges are not serving this country well and it is time for parents to question what they are actually paying for.

In 1944, 18 year olds were storming the beaches of Normandy so these pathetic kids could have the fabulous freedom they enjoy today.  They don’t even know it and who’s fault is that?

I don’t think the new administration is going to put up with them, Reagan didn’t.

Nun extraordinaire, Mother Angelica

When I want to feel like a child again, I turn on the television and watch EWTN with Mother Angelica. I know she is old fashioned, but some things never change.  We have the young to teach us the things that change and the old to teach us the important things that never change. She takes me back to the simple life we used to live.  She is almost Always right!  She talks about God and our place here on earth and how God has a plan for us.

We pray it’s a good one!

The world is all hustle bustle today with electronics making us smart and confused at the same time.  We need it, it sometimes owns us, but listening to Mother Angelica it all seems more simple somehow.

I had nuns I did not like, one in particular Sister Dolorosa.  My father picked her as my music teacher because she was Italian, I didn’t like her one bit!  She fell down a flight of stairs and I got a new nun, sister Joseph.  At first I thought I had ” the power” and made her go away with wishful thinking!  That alone should give you an idea of what a handful I was.  I wasn’t a bad kid, just a clever and always thinking one.  My mother had my number  and would say “Judi Mae, I know you are making the balls and  the rest of them are firing  them” and she was right!

When I  grew older I realized I didn’t like her because she was “strict” and was on to me when I didn’t practice. She disciplined me with a tone and a particular look over her glasses that scared the wits out of me. She was in charge and I practiced!  Sister Dolorosa taught me more in two years than any other teacher I had!  Children need discipline to become balanced individuals, we had plenty of discipline at school and are better for it.

Mother  Angelica died on Easter Sunday, she was 92. She had common sense and optimism.  She was a straight talker and a saint.  To me her most  valuable lesson was, Jesus calls us all to be saints , don’t miss  the opportunity!  She never did.

Homemaker Extraordinaire

The other day I listened to a conversation between my son and his Children. He was talking about what women used to be like. He fondly spoke of his grandmother Greta and how she could do anything! He often stayed with her in her cute little house in Garden Grove California, she had a big back yard and a clothes line. She washed her clothes in a Maytag automatic but she hung them on her clothes line. He was fascinated with that! She had a park bench under a big maple tree (she brought a seedling in her purse when she moved here from Canada) and it loved California and grew to be huge. It was beautiful and shaded the left side of the yard. She had orange trees, peach, cherry and a big lemon tree too. She made her own cherry jam and he went on to emphasize his grandmother could do anything. She was a great cook and she could sew beautiful clothes and make quilts and everything! Sometimes at night they would sit in the yard and watch the fireworks light up the sky over the Matterhorn at Disneyland.  It was magical for him, he felt like he lived in Disneyland.  Later in his life I reminded him he did!  She was what people used to call a homemaker and a homemaker extraordinaire she was!

He never mentioned she worked in a bank for thirty years, why? Because she was a widow forced to work and she thought of that as just earning a living…the rest of the time she created wonderful meals and beautiful clothing for her kids, it was what she liked to do. She taught “joy”. She loved her role as a grandmother and mother and she shone with a bright light for all to see. She talked about seeing “God in all things” and he was blessed with “love” personified.

Of course he is thankful for the life he had with me as his mother, but I couldn’t hold a candle to my mother when it came to practical life and survival. I was a “corporate raderette” part of the “Women’s Lib” movement that told us we could have it all, what bunk! I know now I missed a lot. I had more material things than most ever dream of but not near as much fun.

She grew up during the Depression with her sisters and they learned to Survive. (read Angels of Warwick) go to my website Judith Slaughter Author. They learned to be thankful and listening to him I realized what wonderful value grandmothers are! I knew of course, but not anything like I know now.

My daughter in law is a “stay at home mom” and I thank God for that. I have told her on several occasions, “you can always work, but you can’t always enjoy your kids when you are away at work”. I speak from experience!

Life has so many wonders, we truly are too soon old and too late smart but I am trying to make up for it. On my mother’s eightieth birthday we took her to Disneyland Club 33 for dinner and I told her “Mom, I hope my child loves me as much as your child loves you”. We are never too old to learn and never too old to do the right thing so I go forward with her wisdom and try to put it in motion daily.

We are all a little cup of God, teach your grandchildren that and they will be happy and prosperous…my mom taught me and she taught my child too. Family is everything.


I decided some time ago to just BE. Most of my life I hurried around always on some mission to get something done, twirling through life on tippy toes and not stopping to just BE.
Going to Church is a just BE moment. If you sit quietly and look at the fabulous stained glass windows, maybe God will wink at you! I like to think HE is glad I am there and I don’t need to hear every word. I zone….I just BE. It is my Zen time, my meditation, even the colors look different.

I just Be when I take my walks too. I take the time to listen to the birds, gaze at the mountains and smell the fresh cut grass. I admire the many magnificent flowers, sometimes I even smell them! All nature is beautiful, I make an effort to take it in.
I always talk to God on my walks. I ask him questions, he answers in mysterious ways. I play games like, God, if you want me to do something different with my life…point it out, show me. I want to do the right things, help me accomplish that. Give me Wisdom and let me shine!

You know that little light that shines in us? We all have one, it is the Holy Spirit. I want my light to shine brightly. I don’t want to be in a hurry, why should I be? I worked for forty four years…can’t I just BE now? I promise to evolve, I promise to pay attention and I promise to be a teensy bit better everyday. If we are our thoughts, let me have good ones.

I’m done with the News! I want to be informed so I will tape my favourite programs and watch the good commentators on each one…I promise to watch the programs I don’t always agree with too. Then, I will turn it off. I have come to the conclusion they have to be on for 24/7 and half of it they make up!

I pray for the country to get strong good moral leaders even if we don’t deserve them. Lately we don’t. I also pray for the leaders we have to get a good dose of Wisdom. I have only one vote, I can’t change Washington but I can be a “little light” and change what I can here and now. The one thing I can easily do is BE kind. Every grandparent should make it their mission to teach their grandchildren to BE kind. Let their parent’s worry about their grades and their electronics, teach them to be kind and give them a gift that will hold them in high esteem every day for the rest of their lives.

For years I have worn a little gold bee with golden citrines and black onex. It is my trademark piece and for years I wore it as a “Queen Bee”. Now I look at her and think how she has taught me to just BE. Yes, she has changed too. I can be kind and I can BE and that is my goal.

Just BE, it isn’t easy but I’m getting the hang of it!

Being a Kid……..even forever maybe

When I was a child we didn’t have all the electronics and fun games kids have today. We are never going back, but I think it is time to concentrate on the “little things” that make life grand, maybe only once a month but do it.

Disneyland, Sea World, game parks have absolutely nothing on walking in the park with grandchildren and letting them “discover” nature like we did. Picking leaves from trees and identifying them, watching a bird build it’s nest, following ants on the ground making ant hills, listening to the birds and just plain looking at the sky and “seeing God in all things.”

You don’t need pockets of money to entertain them, grandparents have a special place in their lives and it doesn’t have to be the same things their parents provide or daily television shows they shouldn’t watch. Sit with them and watch a documentary on their country and how far we have come. Let them learn and not just do! Tell them about their ancestors, trust me on this, they love to know about themselves and how they came about. Be a storyteller…it never gets old.

Life isn’t just activity toward an end, it is enjoying every minute and knowing how.

How many children today really know how lucky they are…I mean really know. They think “things” will make them happy because that’s what they see, but when you open up the world’s possibilities to them that are right before their eyes and they actually learn to appreciate…they have it all. Teach them what I call dynamite phrases like…”you are a little cup of GOD” or “God watches us, let’s make him happy today”. “That little light inside of you shines when you are good…I can see it shine!”

Imagine your child coming to you with real wonder in his eyes because he saw a falcon or a small woodland creature like a fox. This is an uncommon occurrence and a privilege you can give them by simply sharing nature walks. And, in California they are everywhere and all around us. We live in a huge nature reserve, no matter where you are there are mountains, canyons, meadows and the incredible ocean and all moments from us all. Block out the traffic and the television noise and get out there and share it with your grandchildren. The toys and clothes we buy for them are soon forgotten, but the memories we make for and with them are forever.

Teen Nudity in the news!

Punish them, but don’t hurt them for the rest of their lives. This is a wake up call for all parents to pay attention to what kids are doing with their phones and their TIME! My heart goes out to the many shocked parents, some crying and demanding to see the photos because they couldn’t believe their child would do such a thing.

Kids do things without thinking and rarely ponder the outcome. It would have been interesting to be privy to some of the conversations with parents. Some parents will take charge and put their kid in private school. Some will think it’s cute and that is where the problem lies.

In our culture of selfies; everybody wants their moment of fame. This is not the way to get it!
I can’t imagine my kid doing such a thing not even on a dare! I am sure I don’t need to know all his peccadillos but I can guarantee he was smart enough not to record them!

Children who are taught respect for themselves and others know this is stupid and wrong. It isn’t funny and it isn’t cute. I’d like to see the kids who were involved. Bet there weren’t many who have two parents or attend church or synagogue…. if any.
This country is on a moral downhill spiral and the only way to fix it is to return to firm principals and consequence for actions. NO EXCUSES. I am sure most of these kids would not want their relatives gawking at them in the nude, but I could be wrong.

We are supposed to be the children of the 60’s, the wild kids. I was a popular teen and I don’t remember anything like this at my California high school. I loved my parents, I would have never shamed them.

I can’t think of a better time to bring up SCHOOL CHOICE, shouldn’t they be going to school to learn and study? Do these kids really think they will be able to compete in the workplace with this mindset? USA is way down the list in education…it’s time to do something about it.

These little brats should have to do one year of community service…they might learn something valuable.